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Brent Burns and Joe Pavelski Team Up For Gruesome Goal

In last night’s first round, Game 1 playoff win over the Las Vegas Golden Knights, San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski really took one for the team.

Late in the first period, a loose puck found its way to the bearded one known as Brent Burns, who unleashed a slap shot toward the Vegas goal. The angle of the shot looked like it would be well over the crossbar of the net. However, Pavelski attempted to deflect the shot and ended up catching it right off his face! OUCH! The puck changed direction and flipped right behind the Vegas goaltender for the first score of the game.

As the team was celebrating the goal, Pavelski quietly made his way over to the bench to seek obvious medical attention.

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But like the old adage goes, “he’s fine, he’s a hockey player.” 

And yes, you did read that caption right, during the commercial break, crew members were sent out to find his missing teeth. Because what’s a hockey player without a few missing teeth?

Pavelski was credited with the goal and the Sharks went on to win the game, 5-2. If that dictates the tempo and energy for the Sharks’ playoff run then I’m all for it! You can catch the Sharks take on Vegas again this Friday at the SAP Center.

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