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Bay Area Tesla Owners Claim They’re Being Targeted For Vehicle Break-Ins!

Attention Bay Area Tesla owners!

The time to be vigilant is now!

The Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley car club are saying that break-ins for the Tesla Model 3 have peaked.

Thieves smash the small, triangular window on the Model 3, reach in to unlatch and open the back seat, giving the thieves a view into the trunk.

Primer Auto Glass, one of Tesla’s authorized repair businesses, says that they have made over 50,000 repairs, mostly for the left and right quarter glass panels on the Model 3. It’s the most common repair they get.

Not that long ago, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley rallied together and tweeted multiple times at CEO Elon Musk, requesting “Sentry Mode” a feature that allows the vehicle’s cameras to record surveillance video.

On top of having Sentry Mode, the club also recommends placing warning stickers on the car as well as adding polyester film to the window to help lessen the chance of break-ins.

Do you own a Tesla?

How do you prevent break-ins?


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