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One of the many injustices…
Read this morning men tend to wrinkle about ten years later than women partly because their skin is thicker and oilers and partly because the scraping of the razor during a  daily shave promotes rejuvenation of the skins lower layers..
And while I hope you never need to use this information.
If you’re ever stranded without food or water…..
A person with 24 pounds of fat can last up to 60 days without food.
The heavier you are the longer you’ll last. The skinner you are, the faster you’ll die.
Plus the average person can survive only a week without water..
No go have a great weekend!!!
Eat a lot…and drink a lot..LOL!!!
Oh..and buy lots of Girl Scout cookies…..the girls should be just about everywhere or at least outside the grocery store , bank and pharmacy.
The online cookie locator is iLoveCookies.org
Theres even a facebook page….facebook.com/gsnorcal



02/15/2013 9:18AM
sam and lissa's blog 2-15
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