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10 years of Sam and Lissa. That?s a Wow in Radio land

Although I just think it’s Sam and Lissa and it’s no big deal.
We hit it off the day we met. And I remember when KBAY was in San Francisco for a year…Sam was doing our public affairs…he still is and I would get so excited to see him every few days. Unbeknownst to either of us, our boss at the time would walk by and eaves drop on our conversations…and walk off saying “they’ve got to do a morning show together”.  So 10 years later, here we are.  We tried to figure out how many shows. Minus vacation…48 weeks x10…equals A LOT.  Neither one of us takes sick days…so the number is still the same.
So much has happened over the years. I can’t even remember it all..
Great interviews…Tony Bennett…my love Simon Cowell, great trips like Disneyland. Kelsey Grammar aka Frazier falling off the stage and us looking at each other… wondering if this was real. I broke out in laughter…naturally I remember Christina came down with us once, and Sam snuck her into the media party I think we said she was our assistant…LOL even if she was just 18. Oh, and what about the time at Santana Row. The Christmas tree lighting and Santa fell off the stage. Maybe it’s us!!
Or the time, Sam had been with me for just a few days and our traffic reporter dropped the F bomb.
Sad times. yes …we had those..or I had those. Mike died almost 8 years ago. Sam had never met him. But I remember when he died so suddenly and I took off so quickly, Sam became my protector. Wouldn’t let anyone call me.. said I needed to be alone.
Happy times…so many. On the air..We are just ready to go. You turn that microphone on and the only people who exist are Sam, Lissa and the listeners. There is no way to count the laughs, or my “snorts”..or how many times I’ve said boobies.
Such good times…Such a perfect match for me..27 years at KBAY, I’ve had a few partners..but there’s never been any doubt that Sam’s the one.. We have our moments when we want to kill each other LOL…heck it’s a marriage…a work marriage…but we always come back  for another day. We love each other, we respect each other, we both love our community And we love this show called Sam and Lissa.

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