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Smart Women Tips

Here they are….the 7 heart attack symptoms you must never ignore. And I do mean that girlfriends!!!! 38 thousand American women under the age of 50 go into cardiac arrest every single year. Don't you be one of them!!
1. Tingling down one or both arms and legs.
2. Nausea or vomiting. If what appears to be the flu includes cold sweats, shortness of breath or pain in your chest or back, call the doctor.
3. Shortness of breath/racing heart.
4. Jaw pain. The nerves in your jaw are right near the ones that come out of your heart. Constant tenderness could be a dental issue, but if it gets worse when you do something physical, it could be heart related.
5. Dizziness/Light-headedness. Feeling faint for no reason could mean blood isn’t making it's way to your head from your heart.
6. Discomfort or burning in your chest or back. Heart problems often disguise themselves as indigestion. So if you get this when you're not eating or with nausea, call the Doctor.
7. Extreme fatigue
Thank you MSN.com—Lee for these 7 signs.
And pass this on to your daughters, mothers and girlfriends!!

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