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Smart Women Tips

New Year....New beginnings!
Yahoo.com has 8 great tips on how to become a happier person.  Yes...a better you!!  See if any of these can work for you.
1. Don't be so materialistic.
2. Don't define yourself with a title. It's nice to just be “you.”
3. Get rid of the clutter. Clutter leads to inner turmoil and stress. Throw it out or give it away.
4. Meditate.  I know people who swear by it.
5. Get some structure into your schedule. Make a routine and stick to it.
6. Be positive and be around those who are positive. You don't need negativity!
7. Concentrate on wellness in everything you do.
8. Write a gratitude list. This may be the most helpful tip of them all. Appreciation of what you have makes such a difference!

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