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Ask the Experts – Conklin Bros
 This week it’s Ask the Experts with Rick Oderio from Conklin Brothers. 
What’s better, pre-finished hardwood or raw wood that is installed and finished in the house?

I personally think pre-finished hardwood is far superior.  The factory finishes today are really hard, so they stand up against wear and tear.  They’ve really improved.  And because they’re pre-finished, you know exactly what your floor will look like before it’s installed.  Plus, it can be done quickly without all the dust, stinky lacquer, and disruption.

How important is installation of carpet?  Can’t anyone install carpet?

I think some people think carpet takes no skill to install, but believe me, it’s a highly skilled craft.  You don’t want your carpet to be installed incorrectly.  You want someone who is trained, experienced and good at what they do.  It’s like a mechanic; the problem is you don’t really find out until later if it was done correctly.  So make sure your carpet installer is a trained and experienced professional.

If I have a budget, should I splurge on the carpet and skimp on the padding?

I wouldn’t skimp on padding.  Padding is critical to your carpet’s longevity and performance.  Low density padding just doesn’t provide that much support.  High quality padding with good density and thickness will absorb impact, so your carpet will feel better under foot and will last longer.  For the best performance from your carpet you should always get the best carpet padding you can afford.

What’s the “greenest” carpeting choice, these days?

If you want to go green when buying new carpet, there are some really great options for you, like smartstrand fiber.  This is the latest and best carpet fiber ever invented.  It’s incredibly soft and amazingly durable.  Plus, it’s made in part from corn.  It requires thirty percent less energy to make, and it cleans up with water, no chemicals required.  So no matter what color carpet you buy, you can feel good knowing it’s as green as can be.

How’s bamboo do as a hardwood flooring material?

Bamboo flooring is a very green product.  It’s fast-growing, sustainable resource that makes a beautiful and durable floor.  But some make bamboo flooring from prematurely-harvested plants, and use high levels of chemicals in the manufacturing process.  So when you’re shopping for bamboo flooring, make sure it’s a quality product from a reputable manufacturer who uses environmentally-friendly practices.
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