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Jona's Blog July 12th

Athletes headed for the London Olympics will be dressed by Ralph Lauren--in outfits made in China, and getting hit by critics! Do you think the athletes are into this style?
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Herb Galindo not Made in USA?! shame shame!! what a slap in the face!
Rosanna Aninos Jerkins I can totally see Ralph and his guests wearing these on his yacht - but they don't speak to me of young athletes from every corner of America. Have we heard from the athletes yet?
Jeff Werner Great POST as always Jona! Keep us in The LOOP! I think Atlhetes will look GOOD and we are excited! What LOOK would have been All American other than The GREEN Beret Look? Hummm?
Ken Stout I don't think the athletes are into it. I think Ralph Lauren and who ever gave him the business deal are.
Jeff Werner Yes, The United Nations of America? Humm?
Dee Douglas what i don't like about it is the gender based styles. by wearing one design (unisex uniforms) we show unity as a team, not guys and gals. i also agree with rosanna that this looks like yacht club wear. i think a nice athletic uniform would have been more appropriate.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Notice the live model is not wearing the 4-inch heels--LOL!
Jeff Werner Ha! Really!
Jack Chunn A good part of the athletes will not like the attire. The men too formal and change the hat or none at all. The ladie's dress should possibly be slacks and also a little more casual. Ralph took the cheap trick with China to improve his bottom line.
Ted Kopulos I daresay it's what all the "in" people are wearing down at the Yacht Club. First: Lose the hats. Second: knee-length skirts? Really? Has that length EVER been in fashion? Less affluent-looking, more athletic-looking, please.
Gaye Katilius I love the look, but really disapprove of them using non-US designers and manufacturers
Ted Kopulos Ralph Lauren was born in the Bronx.
Jona Denz-Hamilton Rosanna Aninos Jerkins: I totally would love to know what the athletes think!

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07/12/2012 5:19PM
Jona's Blog July 12th
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