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Jona's Blog October 29th
OK I did it! I bought my BLUE KATY PERRY wig yesterday--and it was the last one! I'm ready for Halloween (above the neck, anyway)!  Let's see how well I can pull off the look on Thursday!  How do you look on Halloween?

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Ningning Ansay Oh Jona Denz-Hamilton i like blue wig too, no where to find one like that. , must look good on you, I have red and another one which is blonde , can't use that anymore let's trade, lol
Jona Denz-Hamilton Ningning Ansay: I got mine at my favorite local GOODWILL (Bernal/Santa Teresa). Check out the others--they really stocked up this year!
Ningning Ansay Ok thanks Ms Jona Denz-Hamilton
Janie Freeman I will wear jeans and a t-shirt. If you are lucky, I will wear pumpkin earrings. lol
Jeff Fancher Are you going to kiss a girl?
Cathi Nordin Will be a security officer by day and a cranky Oscar by night...
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Jona's Blog October 29th
Who do you know who's had a stroke? It's WORLD STROKE DAY. My mom had several small ones that stole her health. One in 6 people will have a stroke in his/herlifetime. Please learn the signs...

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      Jan Gomez Burkhart I had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 1/2 years ago, which was 2 weeks before my 49th birthday. It was caused by a sustained spike in blood pressure. I was on medication for that, but apparently not enough. I'm one of the lucky survivors of this type of stroke. 98% of people die who have a hemorrhagic stroke. I'm still recovering, but am able to be self-sufficient. Very lucky, and thankful every day!
      Dana Bondelie Hogan Thanks Jona. Very Important. My dad had a small stroke in June, still recovering.
      Jeff Fancher My friend who's 51 had one earlier this year. Smoking, alcoholic, diabetic, and lifetime of bad food is not a healthy lifestyle. He's basically numb one one side, but has most control. It could've been worse. But it could've been better; he went to bed with symptoms thinking they'd go away in the morning.
      Elysia Chester Me.
      Jona Denz-Hamilton Dana Bondelie Hogan: If your dad is getting therapy, it's important to oversee it. My mom was allowed to fall at her balance-class--and broke her hip!

  • Photo   Happy National Cat Day.
    Sigmund Freud once said, "Time spent with cats is never wasted."  
    Whew--my family and I have an excuse! What's yours?

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    Jona Denz-Hamilton Patty Guthrie: All of my pictures of Kasha, the kitty we adopted from you at TOWN CATS, are in my camera. She's the only cat I know who hops like a bunny--maybe it's having that little, stubby tail!

    Patty Guthrie always great to know how happy she is with all of you, too

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Jona's Blog September 27th
Rick Springfield played Campbell's Heritage Theater Friday night, & was in San Ramon on Saturday.

Listener, Vangie got to see her idol, RICK SPRINGFIELD in great, free seats. I'm so glad to hear she had a fantastic time Friday night at Campbell's Heritage Theatre!

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Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.
Vangie Start Fuhrman's photo.

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Jona's Blog October 27th
One of my favorite performers passed away today. You knew MARCIA WALLACE as the voice of Bart Simpson's teacher, Ms. Krabapple with her famous, "HA!" My family's grown to enjoy her on reruns of the old Bob Newhart Show as his never-at-a-loss-for-a good-quip office manager, Carol. She was 70.
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Heather Krueger RIP
Marilyn Barranti Oh No, I loved her, I know she had breast cancer years ago, and beat it !! RIP Marcia.
Joseph Mckinney Not to forget, We lost Lou Reed. R.I.P.
Michelle Strong Champlin Wow, I hadn't heard! She was a lot of fun to watch on the Bob Newhart show. That just sucks....RIP, Marcia.
Scott Sugarbear Pearson wasn't she on Love Boat & Love American Style a few times also
Michelle Strong Champlin Scott...yes! I remember that!

The artist who invited us to Take a Walk on the Wild Side, and made rock a shade darker, has passed away. LOU REED was 71 and suffering from a liver condition. I was hoping his liver transplant would turn his health around. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-207_162-57609498/lou-reed-longtime-influential-rock-star-dead-at-71/
Photo: The artist who invited us to Take a Walk on the Wild Side, and made rock a shade darker, has passed away. LOU REED was 71 and suffering from a liver condition. I was hoping his liver transplant would turn his health around.


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Joe Kelley All tomorrow's parties.

Jeff Fancher R.I.P. Lou 
Teresa Ochoa He will be missed! Was lucky enough to see him at one of the Bridge Benefit concerts a few years ago.. 
Dee Douglas i was very sad when i learned this today. also, marcia wallace died. just a sad day all around.Julie Hansen Sad
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee: Awwww. I loved Marcia Wallace! We're not only Simpsons fans, but have been enjoying her on MeTv's reruns of the Bob Newhart Show.
Neil Grant And the coloured girls go. Doo do doo do ...
Dee Douglas yeah, jona, me too. that is when i first started really liking her. she was a breast cancer survivor and won the gilda radner award for her achievements in spreading awareness.
Roni Depue :(
Dan Kind Femme Fatale is a favorite. 
EMaree Carvao Alper :(
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Jona's Blog October 26th
Ugh! I hope you never see anything like this pop up on your computer screen. It means you've been infected by RANSOMWARE and your computer has been "kidnapped". Don't pay the bad guys to get it fixed! Here's a good article the Mercury News just posted.


Jeff Fancher I've helped some people out of this one. They never know how they got infected. I think some people just click on anything.

Janie Freeman Great, thanks Jona for the info!

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Jona's Blog October 25th
How badly can KATY PERRY sing karaoke when she's had a few with pal, ROBERT PATTINSON? Click to LOL!

CLICK below...

Photo MADONNA is downsizing by selling her Hollywood mansion for $19.5 million. She was hoping for $28mil.--so it was kind of a bargain! I can't resist a good buy...but my speed is GARAGE sales! Are you compelled to shop just because there's a sale?

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Karla Jameson Ya I do.

Marilyn Barranti I sometimes get thing that are on sale even if I don't really need them !!! "Wrong" I know !!! But it was on sale !!!
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Jona's Blog October 24th
Jona's KBAY Walk to End Alzheimer's Team 10/12/13 at Arena Green

A couple of things that should excite you...

tally is out for San Jose's 6th Annual Walk to End Alzheimer's--and it's fantastic! The overall goal of $615,000 was wonderfully exceeded. Woo hoo--$702,570, and Team KBAY exceeded its goal too--$3051! San Francisco, which is proud to have hosted the walk for 22 years just raised $834,000.


Photo: Alan & I are on our way to the press performance of NEXT FALL at the San Jose Rep. It was nominated for a Best Play Tony Award®, and won the 2010 Outer Critics Circle John Gassner Award! The Rep's last show was so great, it needed to be held over a week!!

The socially conscious among us will love, love, love the new play at the San Jose Rep!  "NEXT FALL" deals with love and friendship between people faced with the reality of life and death. This is one incredibly-acted and executed show! The subject matter brings laughter & tears, and ultimately connects you to the characters in their appeal for acceptance. A++++
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Jona's Blog October 23rd
OMG, my heart was racing--CHRIS DAUGHTRY was in the studio across from mine yesterday! I could could see he was getting ready to leave--but with 50 seconds before I had to talk on the air, I had to stay by the mic.  Awwwww! He was sweet enough to allow a few photos. (Thanks Chris Jackson for clicking this!)

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Lisa Davey Wilson Squeal!!!!!
Marcia Garcia Lucky
Stacy Kathryn Smith OMG! Not quite as good as RSpringfield, but he'll do! haha!
Lynda Krinkie Hall OMG I am so jealous!!!! I LOVE him!! Is he playing around here this week?
Karen Denz Fun! I love his voice!
Roni Depue awesome
Liza Garibaldi Super cool!Lori McCormick Lucky lady! Love him!
Dee Douglas wow! you really do live the cinderella life! so glad you got to get your pics!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Dee Douglas: LOL--you know how much of my life is spent CLEANING!
Dee Douglas lol, well, that too!
Cathi Nordin What a great picture!! I'm glad he made some time for you Jona!
Socorro Saboff Well done Jona!😊😊
Judy Dallojacono Reed Lucky girl Jona!
Marion Lane so cool !
Diane Juellich So wonderful! Great picture!
Jona Denz-Hamilton Chris Jackson got to interview him!
Ofelia Pena McCain It's kinda odd, but I am not usually star struck. I am not sure why.
Sue McKnight Turner You Go Jona!
Dana Zuccarello Sexy bald man!
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Jona's Blog October 22nd
SIMON COWELL said he "kind of knew" his baby, due in February, was a boy--now it's official. I had the feeling my kids would be boys before the doctor's confirmation too! Would you want to know your baby's gender early or be surprised?
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Dee Douglas i thought my son was going to be a girl and the ultrasound confirmed it. it's a good thing he looked good in pink! lol
Jona Denz-Hamilton My friend Suzanne was told her twin girls were both boys--thanks ultra-sound! I had amniocentesis--foolproof.
Dee Douglas yep thank goodness that i just liked the blue care bear and went on and did his bedding in that thinking it would be just as cute for a girl. some things we could exchange and i never put him in a dress, but he sure did wear a lot of pink onesies and sleepers for the first few months.
Mike DiRubio Are you sure that this is not the son of Ron Jeremy?
Marie Bond Suprise!!
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Jona's Blog October 21st
Starting soon, you'll get to vote for the next 5 inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which include HALL & OATES and KISS--but still no BON JOVI. I'll have to make LINDA RONSTADT one of my votes. Who gets your vote/do you wish were on the list?

COMPLETE LIST>www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2013/10/2014-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame-nominees-announced.html


Dee Douglas i too would vote for linda, as well as cat stevens (one of my all time favorite artists!), nirvana, peter gabriel, and i wish bon jovi was in there as the fifth vote! AND, only 12 years to go til Pink will be inducted!
Bob Freels Linda, without a doubt. Remember when she used to play at Chuck's Cellar before Heart Like a Wheel took her to a different level. Also Butterfield, Yes, and the Zombies
Katherine Roddy The Meters! Link Wray! The Zombies!
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