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Posts from November 2013

Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-27
Where did this year go?
Can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving weekend.
And the start of KBAY’s Christmas music.
Yes 110% Christmas music from Thanksgiving Day through Christmas.
And this Jewish girl for one loves every minute of it!!
Had my last Board of Trustees mtg. for the year at Presentation High School yesterday.
And as always words of not only wisdom but from her heart by our Principal and leader Mary Miller…. That tomorrow is all about thanks!!! The gifts she said come after and yes she did have my favorite bottle of Lateral in front of my name tag. But she said first we need to realize all that we have and give thanks for what it is and who they are.
And for me, it is you of course. I am so thankful for my 25 years at KBAY. Where could I have it any better? No where!!! And when  I think about my personal life and my two incredible daughters.  I also can say could it be any better and the answer is also NO. We have always been a team but in the last few years since Mike has been gone we have become so much more , if that is possible. As corny as it does sound and stealing a line from a movie, They complete me!! And then there’s Jeff….and I am so blessed to have found love a second time around and from such an incredible person.
So do what I just did…take a minute and think about- not what isn’t going so well, but  but all that is.  I hope it’s a long list, but if it’s not, hopefully it will be next year.
 What’s that old saying….every day is a gift!!
Happy Happy to you and yours!!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-26
This was so popular this morning….the top ten things that get you mad on a daily basis.
This one hit a “nerve”…that’s for sure:
1.  People who cut in line
 2.  When people are rude in general
 3.  People who don't listen
 4.  Spitting in public
 5.  Being put on hold
 6.  People who take advantage of government services like welfare, and don't plan on ever trying to get OFF welfare
 7.  People who act like the rules don't apply to them
 8.  People who text and drive
 9.  People who don't say please and thank you
10.     Backstabbers
WHY STOP THERE?  LOL.  My favorite answer is still Kim’s. When asked  what would tick her off today….she said her boyfriend!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-25
Weird workplace rules. We all think we have one or two.
But these are really strange!!! And we suspect they came about because someone was dumb enough to do something stupid in the first place.
 1.  At a restaurant:  "Don't mop the floor of the walk-in freezer."
 2.  At a gym:  "No Scooters on the treadmills."
 3.  At a pet store:  "Do not lick the reptiles."
 4.  At a medical school:  "Do not steal the penises from the cadavers."
 5.  At a retail store:  "Don't jump on the customers."
 6.  At a Best Buy:  "No uploading pictures of your genitals on the computers."
 7.  At Ikea:  "Toilets presented here are for decoration only."
 8.  At an office:  "No bringing Tupperware to corporate events to load up with food to take home."
 9.  At a retail store:  "If you must have sex in the parking lot, please take off your vest and nametag first."
 10.  At a shoe store:  "The foot measuring tool is for measuring feet only."
So do tell….What is the stupidest or silliest rule you have at your job?
Just looking at this week I think it’s pretty silly that a lot of schools are only in session for two days this week. Why didn’t they take the whole week off? I bet a lot of kids are calling in sick for these two days. I’m looking at Facebook and a lot of people seem to be in Disneyland right now!!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-22
Are you as bad as me…You hate every single picture someone takes of you?
I’m beginning to think I’m “bad subject” material…LOL!!
Maybe this is the answer.
How to look more photogenic? And from someone who should know….a professional photographer. Peter Hurley is his name. He says there are just tricks to know.
And he promises they will make you instantly look more photogenic every time.
  1. Squint. Not a lot just a little and with a small closed-lip smile. He says you want to make the face you’d make if you knew a secret and it was making you a little cocky. Just make sure you don’t squint all the way…a la Gilbert Gottfried because that is not attractive. It’s more like a “knowing” smile with your eyes just a little big squinted instead of wide open, and a lot of confidence.
  2. Stick your entire head forward a little bit. Try sticking your forehead toward the camera and keeping your chin out. That prevents any double chin and gives you a good jaw line.
What do you think? Let me know how it works for you!
I already know the answer for me….No matter what I do I still won’t like my picture!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-21
Here is the list we talked about this morning.
The things we all do but never admit to doing.
Being Lissa…I right off the bat revealed that I have gone into the bathroom at work and run the water to make it seem like I was washing my hands. And lookie here, that same thing is on the list which means I am not the only one who has done, but perhaps the only one to admit to it. I will add though I almost always do wash my hands.
Sam’s is on the list too…..smelling his finger to see if it really does stink.
Here they all are: 
Unfairly judging people at first glance . . . sometimes based on gender or race. 
Changing a story just a little bit as you tell it, to make it better.
Picturing a couple having sex when you find out they're pregnant.
Talking to yourself at home, in the car, and maybe even in public.
Replaying fights and arguments in your head . . . only THIS time, you say all those brilliant things that came to you afterwards, and YOU win the argument.
Fantasizing about getting hit by a car or catching a disease . . . not life threatening, but just bad enough to get you out of work for a while. 
Smelling your finger after you put it somewhere bad.  Whether it's your crack, armpit, ear, belly button, between your toes, wherever. 
Stalking people on Facebook and taking some pleasure in their unhappiness. 
Skipping washing your hands . . . but running the water in case someone's listening.
Any other obvious one I missed? Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself…I do it all the time!!!! 


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-20
I don’t know who comes up with this stuff but we’re glad they do.
By adding just one letter, you can change all sorts of movie titles.
And in some cases make them better than they were.
Take a look at these….
"The Dark Knight Rinses"
 "Look Who's Stalking Now"
 "The Spy Who Loved Men"
 "A Nightmare on Elmo Street"
 "Sitar Wars"
 "The Humane Centipede"
 "Kindergarten Coup"
 "Dude, Where's My Carp?"
 "Citizen Kanye" 
"Must Love Dongs" 
"Three Men Sand a Baby"
Pretty darn funny!!!!! 

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-19
How many holiday parties do you usually go to?
Not a lot for me, although now that I’ve got a “significant other”
I do tend to go to more than I did when I was alone.
The study we had this morning said the average woman, which apparently is not me, but might be you, puts in almost 50 hours preparing for holiday parties.
That’s 21 hours of shopping for outfits. OK, that might be me..LOL. I try not to wear the same thing because you could run into the same people at these parties.
18 hours at the gym working out.
6 hours researching a hairstyle, then getting their hair done.
4 hours of make up, fake tanning and teeth whitening.
The study claims women spend more time preparing for the Christmas party season than any other major event, including a friend’s wedding, New Year’s Eve, a birthday party or a big date.
So who is ready or willing to admit to being the “average” woman?
What about not wearing the same outfit to more than one party? Got you there, didn’t I?

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-18
Saw this today…and thought “right on”.
Instead of looking at a glass half-empty, you can make it half full just by
Realizing how many things are going right.
And if someone you know needs a “pick me upper”
Share this….
7 signs your life is awesome.
1. Food and drink are readily available. Even if you’re on a budget, you can find something to eat and water to drink.
2. You can take hot showers with clean water.
3. You’ve got bedding and walls. When you look at other parts of the world that can be a very big deal.  Just look at the news this morning with Typhoon victims in the Philippines and Tornado victims in the Midwest.  And beds are a total luxury and what about sheets. And if you’ve got a thermostat to adjust, life is even better.
4. You don’t have to walk.
5. You’re wearing clean clothes
6. People love you. Maybe not as many as you wish, but you have at least a couple of great people who love you. Can’t ever take that for granted.
7. You’re breathing right now

Life is pretty darn good!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-15
Lots of great answers this morning to  this one question
“What’s your biggest fantasy? Other than winning Justin Timberlake tickets?
And Dell did that although he already knew he had to give them to his wife and daughter!!!
So here were the top 8 we found online.
1.  Feeling like you could jump buildings and beat people up after watching an action movie. 
2.  Saving someone's life.  That also includes the fantasy of having the pilot pass out, and YOU being the one who steps up and safely lands the plane. 
3.  Having a family with its own traditions that SEEM lame on the outside, but that everyone really loves . . . like Tuesday night pizza or board game night. 
4.  Running away and starting over from scratch. 
5.  Performing music to a massive, sold-out, adoring crowd. 
6.  Winning the lottery and figuring out how to spend the money . . . not all of it, but figuring out what to buy with a few million immediately. 
7.  Having super powers, like the ability to time travel or fly. 
8.  Finding a good, comfortable relationship. 
Any of these ring true for you? Not too late to add yours!!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-14
Good stuff this morning on mailing packages so that when they arrive they arrive in one piece. 4 secrets from a guy who once worked for UPS.
Some of them really make sense!!
  1. No need to write Fragile on the box as they don’t even pay attention to it. Each UPS handler loads about 250 packages an hour….so no..they don’t notice “fragile”…and since everyone puts “fragile” on the box, they ignore it anyway.
  2. Disguise your box as a gift…which it probably is anyway. But do something cute to the box…put hearts on it, have your child color something on it. May be add a handwritten message in crayon. No one wants to make a child sad!!!
  3. Don’t reuse boxes without removing every single sticker or label from it. The scanners scan the first  bar code they encounter. So if there’s an old shipping label or bar code, that’s what will probably be used. That  package could come right back to you!!!
  4. Follow their instructions perfectly. If your package is destroyed or lost, you might be able to get reimbursed, but only if you followed all of their instructions. Always good to use a new box, don’t over pack it, use wide tape, and waterproof what’s inside.
Happy shipping

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-13
You all missed the mark on this one today!
The key to a happy marriage is……how fast the wife stops being angry after an argument.  I liked all of your answers better. Marie got the final word though. She called in to say “the key to a happy marriage is a divorce”….LOL.  She added, and may be through experience, that a lot of times you get along much better when you’re not under the same roof!!!
Don’t think we’ll see this on Mad Men…but in New York, women executives are now having power pedicures.  Lunch hour long brainstorming sessions that combine industry talk with pedicures. I love it….business deals and networking during paraffin treatments and toe nail polishings.
And I really love this….Winning tickets to Justin Timberlake’s second concert in San Jose without having to buy them!!!  I thought Pam this morning was going to have to pull over in her car, she was so excited. Could be you tomorrow morning in the 7 o clock hour.  

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-12
So what do you think….as much as you protest stores opening on Thanksgiving Day, will you make it to at least one? You say you won’t, but someone will be there and I have to go along with some of the marketing folks who say the floodgates have opened…Thanksgiving Day shopping will soon become the new Black Friday.
This year you’ve got Target, Macys Wal-Mart and Kohls and a bunch of other stores now opening at 6 or 8 at night and K-Mart is actually opening at 6 in the morning. So I’m guessing we will soon work Thanksgiving dinner around our Thanksgiving Day shopping.
Shoppers must want it…or these stores wouldn’t be opening, would they?
So be honest…will you be Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving Day? Is Black Friday no longer early enough? All I know is I have a headache thinking about it.


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-11
So much fun with this morning's OMG report…
And since it’s a holiday and you may have slept in…
I so need to repeat it as it could have happened to anyone of us.
Friday morning in Sweden…early Friday about 1am…cops got a call from a neighbor that something bad was happening next door. They could hear banging, screaming and a baby crying. They were so worried. Police rushed out there fearing the worst.
But when they got there….they found the noise was simply coming from a family frustrated by putting together IKEA FURNITURE. The parents were so struggling with all the pieces and all the screws and all the pieces that they got so exasperated they woke up their baby…who had started crying.!!!
Too darn funny. And the moral of this story which I learned the hard way. Pay the “little extra” and have the IKEA folks put the furniture together for you!!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-8
Had so much fun with this today….
The 20 best smells from childhood.
You had great ones on Facebook this morning and in fact many are on the so-called
“official list”
  1. Fresh box of crayons
  2. Worms in dirt
  3. Freshly mowed grass
  4. New books
  5. Play-doh
  6. Chocolate chip cookies in the oven
  7. Grandma’s house on Thanksgiving
  8. Swimming pools
  9. Bonfires
  10. Wet Pavement
  11. Grilling on a hot summer day
  12. Sparklers on the 4th of July
  13. Warm, gooey brownies
  14. Band-Aids from the Nurses office
  15. Popcorn on movie night
  16. Birthday candles
  17. Smelly Markers
  18. Goldfish Food
  19. Spicy Apple Cider Mulling in Fall
  20. Anything scratch and sniff.

Did we miss anything? Every single smell listed brings back such visual memories!!
Life was so easy and innocent when we were kids….
Good memories from all of these.....
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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-7
Dieting…is it tough for you to start one?
According to a new survey, 8 out of 10 women buy clothes that are too small because they think it will help motivate them. More than 2-thirds have banned their entire family from eating certain snacks so they won’t be tempted themselves. 1 in 2 use smaller plates to trick themselves into eating less. Almost half put a “fat” photo of themselves somewhere in the kitchen to keep from snacking. And 25 percent have put up a photo of a skinny celebrity. And half of women say they’ve banned their family from watching at least one food related TV show.
Any of these ring true?
Would this be a good time to share the 6 things to do with leftover Halloween Candy? Isn’t all the good stuff gone anyway…but if not
1. Add it to recipes….not to the lasagna but to the popcorn or pretzils for a snack mix. Use some in cakes or drop some n the frosting and its supposed to be awesome in cookie dough.
2. Put it in your coffee.
3. Pair it with liquor.
4. Stow it away for when you need a bribe for your child or even hubby.
5. Use it for decorating. Left over Mand M’s (like there would be any) would look good on a gingerbread house.
6. Bring it to work or as a caller said this morning drop it off at one of the many schools and places making care boxes for the troops!!!  

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-6
Some studies are great—make perfect sense…others are just silly and you wonder why anyone spent money on them…but this one fits somewhere in the middle. Just how do you get people to do a favor for you? I never realized it was an issue…LOL .You ask and they say either say yes or no. But what they found out is your chances of getting a yes go way up if you start with an apology. It doesn’t matter what you apologize for. Any apology works. Could be about the weather…that Breaking Bad is over  or that you gave out the wrong candy on Halloween….just apologize and then ask for the favor.
Why does it work? By apologizing, even for something trivial, it gives a huge psychological clue that you’re trustworthy and worth doing a favor for.
Try it out and let me know if it really works. 
Just dream big….make it a big favor….not “will you take the garbage out”!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-5
So here they are…the ten things that lift your mood this time of year….
Other than sweaters, boots, candles and walking through the leaves
And not having to pick them up!!!

  1. a hug
  2. hanging out with friends
  3. going for a walk
  4. listening to music
  5. watching your favorite TV show….hello, that works all year round!!!
  6. one on one time with your significant other
  7. a call or text from a friend
  8. comfort food
  9. coffee
  10. a call or text from a relative.
Did I mention this list was put together by women.
A stiff drink was 13…a hot bath 15 and exercise was 16.
And did you hear about the mood car Toyota is working on . It changes colors based on the drivers mood.  And suggests destinations based on the drivers facial expressions.
Mine would probably send me to a mall everyday. Where would yours take you?

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-4
How long has the new TV season been on…6 weeks? Of all the new shows, there is actually only one I watch- Betrayal-and I don’t even know if it will make it for the entire season. Read this morning that ABC still hasn’t decided but did give full seasons to The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife and Super Fun Night. Haven’t even heard of that one. What new shows have you gotten hooked on?
Lifetime has cancelled Jennifer Love Hewitt’s The Client List. Sorry guys!!!
Supposedly they couldn’t agree on a new story line to cover her pregnancy.. Didn’t help they the ratings were poor as well.
Dancing should get a bounce tonite. Cher is sitting in for Len in the Judges  seat and I think she is going to sing as well. And isn’t she also on the Voice mentoring?
And finally I will be setting my DVR for The Talk tomorrow. I don’t watch it often and if given the choice would rather watch the View…but they’ve got –are you ready for this—
a Love Boat reunion tomorrow. Everyone including Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, Ted Lange, Fred Grandy, Lauren Tewes and Jill Whelan will be on. This show ended 25 years ago and they’re all still around. And the best part…..Jack Jones who sang the theme song, will be doing it live!!! OMG!!!! 


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 11-1
So here are the movies that make men cry, according to MovieFone. You mentioned a few of these this morning. Wow, some of them go way back and there aren’t many current films.
"Up",  2009
 "Spartacus",  1960 
"Saving Private Ryan",  1998
 "Rudy",  1993 
"Rocky",  1976 
"The Pride of the Yankees",  1942 
"Marley and Me",  2008 
"The Lord of the Rings:  The Return of the King",  2003 
"Kramer vs. Kramer",  1979 
"Frequency",  2000
 "Field of Dreams",  1989 
"Cinema Paradiso",  1988
 "The Champ",  1979 
"Brian's Song",  1971 
"Bicycle Thieves",  1948
 I think there are a lot more….you just cant remember through your tears!!! A movie isn’t good to me if I can’t get a good cry and somehow I do at almost every one I go to. And this weekend I hope to be laughing so hard I do cry at Last Vegas.
Cry or Laugh…my favorite part of the movie is the popcorn..which is always gone before the darn thing even starts. I need to be more like my cousins Lloyd and Joni who somehow have so much discipline they don’t allow themselves to eat even a kernel until the movie actually starts.   

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