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Posts from July 2013

Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-31
So excited about the new contest we’re starting on KBAY.The Back to School Money Pool.!!!!
We’ll be giving away $100 an hour every workday between 6 and 10 am…from Monday August 12 through Monday September 23rd. That’s a lot of hours, a lot of days and a lot of cash…$500 a day and you have so many chances of winning….150 in fact….
And winning more than $100.
You sign up at KBAY.Com or the KBAY Facebook Page and then listen for your name every hour on the hour from 6-10am… And you’re doing that anyway!!! LOL!!!
And believe me that money will come in handy. What did I read today?....that the average back to school cost is over $600.
Just what are you buying I ask?
Google shopping data says searches for back to school sales started trending two weeks earlier tan usual…
Boy band branded items are huge…especially from One Direction.
Plus messenger bags, north face school backpacks, personalized school supplies and Nike free 5.0 kids (not sure what that is…but it’s hot)
Happy shopping and good luck with the  KBAY Back to School Money Pool. Just make sure you sign up..and then listen!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-30
The silly stuff I come across every day.
A guy from the Bay Area… Randy Sarafan has invented a clap-off bra…which supposedly falls to the floor when you clap your hands. Isn’t that creepy?
You know men everywhere are applauding this invention…LOL!!!
I’ll stick to my clap off light switch…much safer!!!
This invention I like though. I put it up on Pinterest.
Spanx  next month will launch a new line of –are you ready- Jeans!!!
I think they’ve already started selling them on line at Spanx.com
There are two styles…a denim legging for $98 that comes in five different colors. Also a waxed denim for $108 dollars that comes in two colors.
Well worth the price if you ask me!!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-26
If you’re going out to dinner this weekend…DO NOT read this…LOL
4 Behind-the-Scenes Restaurant Secrets.
1.  Your food probably contains the chef's saliva.  He uses a spoon to sample the food and might not worry about double dipping.
2.  You're drinking someone else's wine.  When people order bottles of wine and don't finish them, restaurants sometimes serve that wine in individual glasses the next day.
3.  Restaurants want you to order pizza and the specials.  Pizza is the cheapest thing to make and has the highest mark-up.  Specials are really just foods the restaurant really wants to get rid of.
4.  Don't get the second-cheapest bottle of wine.  Restaurants know you will order the second-cheapest bottle of wine, because you don't want to order the cheapest one.  So the second-cheapest one has the biggest price mark-up.
I’m just the messenger….LOL!!
The only one that really makes you wince is number 1…or do any of the other ones really bother you? Any other“secrets”we need to know?



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-25
You still watch Saturday Night Live?
I do usually, but never live. Always record it and watch it Sunday morning while I’m reading the newspaper. Plus I almost always fast forward through the musical guest (unless of course it’s Justin Timberlake) and some of the bits that I don’t care for or go on way too long. Never pass up the Weekend Update though, and the game show bits.
I’m wondering though when it is time to call it a day? No longer on the show Bill Hader (one of my favorites), Fred Armisen and now my all time favorite Jason Sudeikis. Plus Seth Myers is only coming back through the end of the year, before he leaves to take over for Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. So just who is left? I couldn’t list any of the other regulars ….all the good ones are gone..
SO is 38 years enough? What do you think? Hard to believe SNL has been on 38 years. And with unbelievable stars who became even bigger stars once they left. Wonder when Lorne Michaels will decide it is enough?http://www.facebook.com/SamVanZandtKBAY


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-24
Talking about random acts of kindness this morning
And how you often feel even better than the person you helped!!!
How about this one from my friend Gerald:
On Monday, a young man in his mid to late 20s ordered a drink and a Boston Cream Doughnut at a Tim Horton’s in Edmonton, Canada and then asked the cashier how many cups of coffee the store sells in a day. After he was told 500, he asked the worker to ring up 500 large coffees, for a grand total of $859. The shop then handed out free coffees to bewildered and amused customers until Tuesday at 8am. And according to the Globe and Mail Reports which covered the story, this isn’t the first time in recent months when a stranger has picked up the tab for large groups of strangers.
Now that is a GRAND random act of kindness.
And isn’t it wonderful?


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-23
Found this story today from England and it is so “me”…I just had to share.
Happened on Saturday…a woman and her daughter tried to ride their HORSES through a McDonalds drive thru. When the staff told them they had to be in a car to go through the drive-thru and they wouldn’t serve them…the woman took her HORSE inside… and let it poop on the floor. Actually, my daughter has a horse so I know you don’t tell the horse to poop it just does and whenever and wherever it wants to. Anyway, she got a ticket with a fine for “causing alarm and distress”
And no she didn’t get her BIG MAC!!!!
That’s the part that upset me. ha ha!!
Should have saved this for tomorrow as tomorrow is Drive-Thru Day…
McDonalds and Drive-Thru…two of my favorites!!!
Horses are good too!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-22
Sometimes you look or talk to people and you really can’t tell which one they are!!
So true, isn’t it? I was prepared to share a study with you on when people are the happiest and when they are most miserable…but instead, my mind is elsewhere this morning.
Must admit I am feeling both emotions right now with the death of Bill Kelly. Happy to be back at work, but sad that my buddy is no longer with us and will never again be my
Confidant at 4am. Yes, you wonder what my day is like?… Bill was always part of it. I would get in a little after 3…he a little after 4….and every day for the 12 years we were in the same building, we would meet right after he arrived for 10-15 minutes, catch up, talk about life and our lives. We shared so much. We knew each other so well!!! Bill was also the guy who would fix my computer if it were down. It could take two minutes or 20 minutes and he would never once get testy or say “Lissa, I’ve got my show to prepare for”. He was the fix it person, or tried to be for so much in my life. And when he got cancer 4 years ago I wanted to be his fix it person…but that couldn’t be done.
What a remarkable man…He did everything he could to beat it…including showing up for work almost every day until just a few weeks ago….Always with a smile, always with a laugh and always full of good cheer.!!! Bill Kelly was my hero and always will be…..

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-12
Thank you Sacred Heart Community Services for what you did this morning…
Promising low income family’s backpacks and school supplies for their kids come August. Put the two together and you’re talking $60 worth of needed things these parents don’t have to worry about… I only wish there was a better way to signing up these parents than make them get in a line that extends for blocks and lasts for hours and hours.
Some get in line the night before which is just sad and crazy!!!
And kudos to one of my favorite places …the Humane Society of Silicon Valley for what they’re doing this weekend….this is the time of year when the shelter is bursting with cute little cat, dog and bunny faces…..that so need special homes….so it’s a big adoption weekend….from 10-7 at the shelter at 901 Ames Ave. in Milpitas and also at PETCO’s in Sunnyvale and Saratoga..
I got my Tobey Tobes as a kitten at the Humane Society and he is my best little buddy.. Waits for me at the bottom of my stairs when he hears the garage door open… Is this the weekend to get your own little Tobey Tobes? Maybe!!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-11
Favorite story of the morning.
No not Justin Beiber acting like an ass again .But the one year old w ho bought a car on her Dad’s smart phone.
Sorella Stoute apparently plays with her Dads phone all the time
and this week she managed to buy a 1962 Austin Healy Sprite on eBay
For 225 dollars. Did I say she is one?
Dad was funny….said he was just happy she didn’t buy a 38-thousand dollar Porsche.
Added he was thinking about buying a fixer-upper and now he will have the perfect birthday gift for Sorella in 15 years when she turns 16.
Just love it…..Too darn cute.

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-10
Silly stuff this morning on what we consider the bare necessities of modern life.
It’s nice to see our priorities are in order (NOT)
Here’s the full list in order
1.  An internet connection. 
2.  Television. 
3.  Cuddling.   
4.  A trustworthy best friend. 
5.  Daily showers. 
6.  Central heating. 
7.  A cup of tea.  (It's a British survey.  They ranked coffee 12th. If this was an American survey coffee would be up here and tea would be nowhere to be found.  And AC might replace central heating.)
 8.  Saying "I love you" once in a while.
 9.  A solid marriage.
 10.  A car.
 11.  Glasses.
 12.  Coffee.
 13.  Chocolate.
 14.  A night in on the couch.
15.  A glass of wine.
16.  A good cry once in a while.
17.  A big breakfast.
18.  A nice vacation.
19.  An iPhone.
20.  Beer. 
 I'm making a number 21...KBAY!!!!!
And your number 22?


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-9
Weddings…are we done with them for summer? Only if your name is George Clooney.
Don’t get me started on him. I love him There is no one more handsome but what is his story? Breaking up with Stacy Keibler. Seems like two years is his max. And why would any girl date him? Yes..silly me, what am I thinking. I’m guessing though every woman who dates him thinks she can change him and become the one he marries. Not ever going to happen!!!
But getting back to weddings..LOL
A story this morning that the most popular gift is the electric knife. Really?
And did you get one? I can’t remember when someone told me they bought one of those. Mine is years old…and I never use it.  Electric wine openers? Now those are popular. I think Victoria got three!!!
And in case you are going to a wedding…Cosmo this month says never ever wear these:
1. A white dress.    2. A super-short dress.   3. A super-tight dress.    4. Loud, wild prints.    5. A plunging neckline and no bra.    6. Jeans.    7. Anything that reveals your thong or belly button.   8. A super-sparkly dress.   9. A short-sleeve dress shirt.    10. Head-to-toe black. 
And heres a question? Does anyone throw rice anymore….or is it birdseed now..or rose petals?
We didn’t throw anything when Tori and Matt walked out of the Mission, although the bells did toll… which just gave me goosies!!!



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-8
Surviving a plane crash…
Aren’t we all thinking about this after this last weekend?  I know I am since I will soon be taking off for Hawaii.
Here are a few things that have been listed the last couple of days..
And they really make sense.
Get an aisle seat.
Sit as close to an exit as possible. They say sitting within 5 rows of an exit gives you the best odds. Wear your shoes while flying. You never know when you need to quickly evacuate.
The back of the plane is generally the safest but that wasn’t the case this last weekend.
This one may be the most important. Remember the math formula…plus three minus 8.
The first three minutes and the last 8 minutes of the flight are the most dangerous and that’s when you need to be most attentive and aware of what’s happening. I can’t tell you how many times I have fallen asleep before the plane even taxis. I never listen to the safety instructions. But I will on this next flight. That’s for sure.
And this stat is important too. Only 1 in 1.2 million flights end up in accident.
Your odds of dying in a crash are 1 in 14 million. But I know were all thinking the same thing…tell that to the families of the 2 16 year old girls who died on Saturday.


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-5
Happy weekend…Loved some bits and pieces from this morning.
Had no idea that TV and Movie star Kerry Washington was even dating Niner cornerback  Nnamdi Asomugha…let alone married to him. I didn’t even know who he was until this morning. And when I saw his name at 3:15 this morning…I thought Holy Cow how do you say that? Luckily I found a pronunciation LOL.   
I do know a lot about him now though…He went to Cal. Played for the Raiders and didn’t make a lot of money with the Niners this season. Plus he’s 5 years younger than Washington.
And I didn’t know Lt.Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife Jennifer had their third baby the other day. I didn’t even know she was pregnant for a third time. I am such a fan of  Gavin and Jennifer. She actually spoke at Presentation High School last year. They do know how to pick great names…Montana, Hunter and Brooklynn.  Love those names!!!
What’s your plan for the weekend? Sam is celebrating his wife –Carol’s-birthday.
And I’m going to Cambria. For all the years my two girls were in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly and all the trips down there, I don’t think I ever stopped in Cambria. Been to San Simeon and Hearst Castle of course..but never Cambria. Can’t wait…I hear it’s darling.
Also plan to do some wine tasting in Paso Robles. That I’ve done before!!
Whatever you’re doing hope it’s great. Next year July 4th will be on a Friday so we’ll all get a three day weekend. 



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-3
Hope you have a great July 4th planned.
You know where Sam and I will be….at and in the Morgan Hill Parade
which starts at 10. Jona is in it too!! There’s also the Rose, White and Blue parade in the Shasta/Hanchett area of San Jose and I see from your Facebook posts many of you have your own neighborhood parades. And even though Gilroy is the only city in Santa Clara County that still sells safe and sane fireworks, there are a number of large displays at night.
Gilroy- Gilroy High School
Hollister- field adjacent to Marguerite Maze Middle School.
Milpitas- Sports Center football field
Morgan Hill-Community Park
Mountain View-Shoreline Amphitheater after the SF Symphony concert
San Jose- Municipal Stadium after the SJ Giants game both Thursday and Friday
Santa Clara- Central Park. Great America will have them Friday and Saturday nights.
Scotts Valley-Skypark.
Did I miss one of your favorites?
Whatever you do tomorrow…have fun but be safe. They say tomorrow is the most dangerous day on the roads and highways. 



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-2
Myths about summer.
How do we have fun?
The Washington Post has decided to debunk a few of them…and all I can say is I hope they’re right. Because if they’re not…Sam is the one who told you..LOL!!!
I’m afraid to repeat this one in case it is wrong but the Post claims poison ivy isn’t contagious. They also say you can swallow your watermelon seeds. I say why bother just buy seedless watermelon.
Not true that mosquitoes love people who taste sweet!! Mosquitoes are more into your breath. But it is true that you shouldn’t scratch your bites.
Not true that you should pee on your jellyfish stings. That could cause the jellyfish cells to release more venom. They say to get the tentacles off…but not with your fingers of course. And cover your sting with vinegar.
Not true that you need to stay out of the water for half an hour after you eat. You might get a cramp but that’s it.
Any other myths you grew up with and know aren’t true?



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-1
10 foods that fight bad breath!!!
Hey, it’s our public service for the day…LOL!!!
And by all means share. We all know at least one person who needs this list!
Black or green tea
Parsley, basil and spinach.
Cherries and Lettuce
And look at this…they’re all healthy and low in calories.
Yes, I told you I have dieting on the brain right now!!!
So who are you sharing with?
How about the guy or gal in front of you at the next Giants game at A T and T Park who sits down with garlic fries?  When I went to the game a couple of weeks ago, I thought the smell was going to kill

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