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Posts from May 2013

Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-31
Next to buying a bathing suit…I think it’s fair to say the hardest thing to buy in the summer is a pair of sunglasses. There are plenty of them out there but it’s next to impossible to find a pair that looks good. Or is it just me? I never run in and buy a pair of sunglasses without asking at least 3 people their opinion. Yes never be near me in a sunglass shop!!
But I found this today….tell me if you think it’s accurate?
How to pick the right pair of sunglasses for your face:  
1.  If your face is ROUND . . . look for sunglasses with rectangular frames, because they add definition to your face and make it look longer and thinner.  Circular frames do the opposite and just make your face look even rounder.
2.  If you have a SQUARE face . . . go with something round or oval-shaped.  It's okay if they're flat along the top of the frames.  But the bottom of the frames should be curved.
3.  If you have an OVAL face . . . you're lucky, because pretty much any type of sunglasses work.  An oval face usually means you have a narrow forehead, a narrow jaw line, high cheekbones, and a narrow chin.
4.  If you have a HEART-SHAPED face . . . meaning a wide forehead, narrow jaw line, and a narrow chin . . . choose frames that are bottom-heavy, like aviators.
Next question? How do I tell what shape face I have?
Truly, I have no idea!!! Do you know yours?


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-30
Tell me this is not true….
Denim overalls might be coming back?
People Magazine has pictures of a bunch of stars in them…
No No  No….I never liked that look past the age of 4 when I stopped putting my kids in Osh Kosh BGosh Overalls!!!
And I’m not sure about this one…
Café Mom says Heidi Klum gives her kids a buck every time they drink a fruit smoothie for breakfast. Did you ever bribe your kids with money to eat food?
I would bribe my kids with dessert if they would eat their dinner, so maybe that’s not much different. It just sounds better don’t you think?
Finally, this program note. Keeping up with the Kardashians starts up Sunday Night...
The big reveal will be made regarding the sex of Kim’s baby. I’m guessing girl based on the ballerina music box shower invite
And one more…Real Housewives of New Jersey starts this coming week too. I think Monday night. I am so ready…My DVR, but for the new Newlywed reality series, is empty!!!!
I’m still waiting on Big Brother and Flipping Out.
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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-29
Want to make sure you didn’t miss this today.
The Best Ways to Pamper Yourself!!
This is something new to me…I’ve never had a massage—true story…and I just started having facials. One every 5 weeks…and no, as  I told Sam, I don’t know why I’ve made it a five week thing, other than the fact I so love the hour!!! I gave up tanning so now I do facials. Good choice, I think!!!
But here are the 10 best ways to pamper yourself according to “someone” LOL!!!

1.  Eating a nice dessert.
2.  Going out for dinner instead of cooking.
3.  Eating chocolate.  
4.  Taking a day off to do nothing.
5.  Drinking a bottle of wine at home.
6.  Buying yourself flowers.
7.  Reading a book.
8.  Buying an expensive brand instead of the cheap store brand.
9.  Getting a massage.
10.  Reading a magazine. 
And my favorite…#27 on the list….getting thick, fluffy toilet paper!!!
What would be your  #11?

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-28
Hard to get back into the swing of things today…
Love those three day weekends and even better 4 day work weeks.
And am I the only one who has already looked ahead to July 4th…our next holiday?
Not sure how it will work for most. It’s on a Thursday. Is your company making it a 4 day weekend?  I know KBAY is not!!! I’m happy to have any day off. And of course my July 4th is always spent in Morgan Hill….with the big Independence Day Parade.
Try to never miss that!!!!
And if you couldn’t stop checking you’re e-mail this holiday weekend.
We’re giving you a pass not to do it on the next holiday.
The Boss apparently doesn’t expect you to. One expert says we all do it on our own…”that we have an exaggerated sense of our own importance”.
So I guess the message is try NOT to be so important the next holiday!!!
I can honestly say the earth was still revolving this morning whether you checked your e- mail or not.
Easier said than done…most of us seem to check our smart phones once every six minutes while we’re awake.
I promise to work on it if you do!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-23
Girl stuff….
8 style essentials every woman should have in for the summer!!!

  1. black bikini
  2. flip flops
  3. tank top
  4. shorts
  5. sunglasses
  6. beach towel
  7. one piece swimsuit
  8. turban
I don’t get number 8 either!!! But Elle Magazine lists it.
So how did you do?
I’ve got 6…and I’m guessing you know which 2 I don’t have.
Is there a number 9?

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-22
I kind of “like” this!!!
Saw a story in Woman’s World that next time you need a quick boost of happiness
look at your own Facebook page. A new study that looking through old photos and posts that remind you of happy times lifts your spirits as effectively as a relaxing stroll through the park.
And having just done a wedding… I certainly think this is great… Target just launched a super-affordable in-house bridal collection. Guess how inexpensive the dresses are? From $69.99 to $129.99. Gowns come in sizes 2 to 28. I didn’t know this but Target already has the Tevolio collection of bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses. The only negative is that you have to shop for the gowns online…which takes the fun out of trying them on with your friends or Moms. Plus, I’m guessing there will be a lot of returns. Who buys the very first wedding dress they put on. But you sure can’t beat the price.  Especially since you’re never going to wear this dress again…
BTW…speaking of wedding gowns…I just got Tori’s back from a company that “preserves”it …$250. Crazy. You think it will ever come out of the box again…I don’t!!!
SO why are we preserving it?

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-21
I’ve tried and failed at Yoga..
Yes, I snuck out of a class after about 20 minutes.
It was just too much for me .I thought I was going to die
But this may be doable. Sam, at least, thinks it is!!!
Jennifer Aniston, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow have turned to face yoga!
There are 18 poses which move around the muscles of your face, including the “Giraffe”, “Puffer Fish” and “Hamster Cheeks”.
In fact, I hear it’s such a hot trend, Lululemon has already started selling tiny see-through yoga pants for your face.
We’re thinking though it’s too late for Bruce Jenner or Joan Rivers.
So are you in…are you game? Want to meet for some Hamster Cheeks?
Just doesn’t sound right, does it?


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-20
How many people do you know who aren’t on Facebook?
Well, My Dad wasn’t. But he was 91 when he died.
I do have a few girlfriends who have a FB page, but never look at it.
You needn’t share this survey with them..but see how it relates to you.
Here’s the age that people are most likely to post about certain topics.

1.  Men and women are most likely to post about the WEATHER on Facebook in their 60s. 
2.  People in their 60s are also most likely to talk about POLITICS on Facebook. 
3.  Women are most likely to post about BOOKS at age 22 . . . men are most likely to at 50. 
4.  Men talk about FITNESS and working out at age 45 . . . women at 34.  
5.  Men post about their HEALTH at 54 . . . women at 43.  
6.  Men post about TECHNOLOGY at 34 . . . women at 22.
7.  Men are most likely to post about SPORTS when they're teenagers.  Women at age 48. 
8.  And men and women post about FASHION at age 16.
None of this makes any sense to me…LOL
But this does. American Idol ratings for their finale the lowest EVER!!14.3 million compared to 21 million last year when Phillip Phillips won and 29 million the year before when Scotty McCreery won. You think some changes are in order? YES!!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-17
Forgot to pass this along this morning.
Or maybe it was “intentional”…just too gross to talk about.  
But now that we’re off the air, this one may come in handy
with the weather warming up.
The government just released a new report on public pools, and yes…they found
Fecal contaminated in 6 out of 10 of them…So when you jump in a pool, there’s a six out of ten chance you’re jumping into you know what!!!
The best ways to keep yourself from getting sick are don’t swallow pool water (duh) and wash your hands after you swim (duh)…
And if you’re rushing off to the paint store…to change-up your bedroom…
A new study has ranked bedroom paint colors by how they affect your sleep and your mood. People in blue, yellow, and green rooms get the most sleep…
People in purple, brown and gray rooms get the least. But keep this in mind.. People in brown rooms have the most whoopee!!
So what color did you say you’re going with …..LOL!! I’m guessing t here will be a run on brown paint this weekend!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-16
We were laughing so much this morning I’m not sure if we got this all out or not..
But here they are….the five best things we’ve done in the car.
1. Bringing a new baby home from the hospital.
2. Taking it with you when you left for college.
3. Picking someone up..or being picked up..on a first date.
4. Driving off on your honeymoon.
5. And yes….getting naughty.
Which leads to this….the 7 main fights we have in the car on a road trip.

  1. Driving skills
  2. Temp. in the car
  3. Directions
  4. Where to eat
  5. Swearing at other drivers or flipping them off.
  6. The volume in the car whether its from the radio or the kids shouting at each other
  7. Smoking
So how did we do with these two lists. Pretty much right on, wouldn’t you say? 



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-15
If you have daughters…you will so appreciate this.
On average, teenage girls fight with their moms 183 times a year! (once every two days)
                    Teenage girls argue with their siblings even more….257 times a year.
                    Teenage girls slam doors 164 times per year
                    Teenage girls fight with their friends 127 times per year
                    Teenage girls cry over boys 123 times per year.
So Moms, what do you think? Seems pretty accurate to me!!!
And if you don’t have teenage girls yet, all I can recommend is  you save this…
BTW…there is hope!!! By the time your daughters turn 23…they seem to be “normal” again and appreciate you!!! Ha ha!!
Actually…it’s not really this bad. I would never trade my girls for boys!!! I’ve loved –almost-- every minute of it!! http://www.facebook.com/SamVanZandtKBAY


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-14
Been talking and thinking about Angelina Jolie all day…
You’ve heard the headline. She had a double mastectomy in April
after finding out she had the BRCA1 gene which put her risk at getting breast cancer close to 90 percent.
For all of us who have lost someone we love to breast cancer, my Mom was 67, we all applaud  Angelina for what she did .We so feel her anguish and we are again shedding tears for who we lost.
I have read and reread parts of her Op-Ed piece in the New York Times…and this is the paragraph that so touched me.
“I wanted to write this to tell other women that the decision to have a mastectomy was not easy. But it is one I am very happy that I made. My chances of developing breast cancer have dropped from 87 percent to under 5 percent. I can tell my children that they don’t need to fear they will lose me to breast cancer”.
So this last Mothers Day…Angelina gave herself a gift and a gift to her family.
There is no better gift. 


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-13
Been waiting for this list…and now it’s out
The TV shows that won’t be around next season.
I’ve got only 3 I’m sort of sad about losing….Smash, Southland and Red Widow.
Let’s see how you did?
Smash, New Normal, Go On, Up All  Night,  Whitney, Deception, Guys with Kids, 1600 Penn and Rock Center with Brian Williams.
Have to admit I hadn’t even heard of most of these shows.
Parenthood by the way is moving to Thursday at 10.
CSI:NY, so just the original CSI is still on.
Vegas, Rules of Engagement, Golden Boy.
Family Tools, How To Live With Your Parents, Body of  Proof, Red Widow and Malibu Country.
TNT- Southland, Monday Mornings
USA- Burn Notice.
So did you lose any of your favorites?
I’m just happy Nashville has been given a second season.
And that Parenthood again survived.
Dallas too!!!

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Sam and Lissa's blog 5-10
It’s always fun looking at the list of most popular baby names for the year.
And appropriate too for Mothers Day…
It turns out just like 2011 the most popular names in 2012 were Jacob and Sophia. Jacob has been the top name for over a decade.
Here we go …For boys: the top 10 names are Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah, William, Liam, Jayden, Michael, Alexander, and Aiden.
                     For girls: Sophia, Emma, Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Emily, Abigail, Mia, Madison, and Elizabeth.
And what about the new interesting names that are starting to pop up:
For boys is . . . Major.  A tribute I think to the military.  Some of the other big jumps in names for boys are Gael, Jase, Messiah, Brantley, King, Ari, and Maverick.
The fastest rising name for girls is Arya . . . the name of Ned Stark's youngest daughter on "Game of Thrones".  Some of the other big jumps in names for girls are Perla, Catalina, Elisa, Raelyn, Haven, and Marilyn.
Another year I see without a Sam or a Lissa!!!
But we’re not going any place…and Monday Morning we’ll again have the KBAY $500 Wake-up Call at 7 starting with the Artist of the Day at 6:20.


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-9
5 Random Mothers Day Stats that you can forget about come Monday when it’s all behind us and Fathers start bugging us about their upcoming day!!!
1.  In the annual Save the Children report on the best and worst places to be a mother, the U.S. ranked 30th.  Why so low?  It's messed up, but we have the highest death rate of newborns in the first world.
2.  Finland, Sweden, and Norway were ranked the top places in the world to be a mother.  The Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst.
3.  95% of moms say they've felt JUDGED or CRITICIZED at some point for their parenting decisions.
4.  The three things moms criticize other moms about most often are their general parenting strategies . . . staying home versus going back to work . . . and breastfeeding versus using formula.
5.  Should you buy a Mother's Day gift for a woman who doesn't have any kids yet, but is currently PREGNANT?  Three out of five women who are pregnant with their first child say . . . yes, they expect a Mother's Day gift.
What did I miss?
Got a 6th random stat you want to share? 


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-8
Thank goodness it’s Wednesday.
Didn’t find out until this morning that yesterday was supposed to be a bad day for a lot of folks…
Tuesday they say is the day of the week when people have the least whoopee!!!
And why would that be?
3 reasons given: We like watching TV on Tuesdays.
                           We don’t drink enough. 2 of ten say they’re to sober to have whoopee.
                            We’re tired from doing chores. Apparently Tuesday is a big cleaning day for a lot of people…and they’re in no mood to get dirty afterward!!
So now you know why yesterday wasn’t supposed to be a good day!!!!
Today seems to be ok!!!LOL
And tomorrow is Friday Eve with another chance for you to get the KBAY $500 Wake up call. Get the artist of the day at 6:20 so you’re prepared to WIN!!! 

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-7
Love the story this morning on  kid’s pacifiers.
That the best way to clean one  is.. …to lick it clean.
Yes, better than washing or boiling because the extra germ exposure you give them with your saliva helps their immune system.Kids with the Mom and Dad licked-clean pacifiers even end up with fewer allergies and lower rates of eczema and asthma.
Just what is the school of thought on pacifiers these days? I remember when Tori was born they asked me in the hospital if I wanted her to have a pacifier. 3 years later, I was doing all I could to break her of the habit. I even had the dentist tell her she would get “buck” teeth if she didn’t get rid of the thing. That sort of worked along with many crying episodes. I used to have an entire supply of binkies as we called them, so that when one fell down the toilet or I couldn’t find one…I had another ready to go. Christina was never into them…so I lucked out the second time around.
But don’t we all have “binkie” stories…some funny…some not.
It would have been nice to know that when the thing dropped on the ground all I needed to do was pick it up and lick it!!!


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