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Smart Women Tips

New Year....time to organize!
Love the 10 tips from Marie Kondo of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up"

See how many will work for you...
1. Set the date. Yes, pick a date for a Clean-Up festival and put it in your calendar.  Start in the mroning and go all day if need be.
2. Follow the order. She says to sort by category, not location.  So start with clothing, then books, papers, mementos, etc.
3. Dump it all out.  Put everything on the floor so you can see what you're tossing.  It will be a great feeling.
4. Toss, Toss, Toss.  Grab some garbage bags and if you can't decide what to toss ask yourself, "Does this bring me joy?"
5. Develop a zero-tolerance policy.  Get rid of all those spare buttons, unread books, cosmetic samples, manuals, and cords that you don't even know what they belong to.
6. Show no mercy toward paperwork.  Except for current bill, tax receipts or things you know you need for a little longer, throw it all out.
7. Edit your photos.  Non-people shots or those of unexciting scenery may be able to be tossed.  Her rule of thumb is 5 pictures per day, per vacation day.
8. Say a proper good bye.  Thank your items for their good times and then toss.  It will make you feel better.
9. Master the fold.  Fold clothes into rectangles, then store them standing up to maximize space.
10. Don't buy storage equipment.  It gives you room to save and not throw away.  If you must store, don's use anything bigger than a shoebox.

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