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Smart Women Tips

How many times do you see a “Lost Pet” sign?
Breaks your heart, and it's even worse if it's your pet's picture you're looking at.
So keep this handy....the ten things to do if your pet is lost, courtesy of FetchPetCare.com.
1. Call or stop by your local animal shelters. File a lost pet report with every shelter, dog pound or animal control office within a 60 mile radius of your house. And stop by daily for your own look.
2 Call local vets. Sometimes people drop off stray animals they find to the closest clinic.
3. Search your own neighborhood. And do it several times a day, Ask friends to do it too. Ask the letter carrier if he or she saw your pet.
4. Go door to door so you can speak to your neighbors. The more people who know you're looking and you're upset and worried the better.
5. Place posters and fliers throughout the neighborhood. Post them if you can at grocery stores, community centers, pet stores...places like that.
6. Post Info on your pet on all pet recovery websites and services. Try Craigslist.org, FidoFinder.com and TheCenterForLostPets.com
7. Think about using a lost pet recovery service like FindToto.com. There's a fee, but it's reasonable.
8. Put food and water outside your house. You never know...
9. Tell everyone you see about your missing pet. You never know.....
10. Don't give up. And start looking right away. Don't wait thinking your pet will come home on its own.
P.S. Hope you never have to look at this list again...but save it just in case.

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