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Smart Women Tips

I'm not really sure these 4 tips will indeed make you a morning person but they are guaranteed to
make your day start better. So if you ask me, they're worth trying!!
1. When you wake up don't check your phone for at least 15 minutes!! Those in the know say
Checking your e mail or Facebook first thing in the morning makes you more likely to check it all the time and all day long. And supposedly giving yourself 15 minutes to wake up keeps you from becoming addicted!
2. Get out of bed the correct way!! And what is the correct way?  Roll on your side, push yourself up with your legs hanging off the bed and then stand up with your back straight.
3.Stretch!!  Besides waking yourself up, you are less likely to pull a muscle.
4. Instead of going for the hot coffee, go for hot water with lemon. It's better for your throat and should get your metabolism going.
So are you game...willing to try?
Let me know if it makes a difference!!!

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