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Smart Women Tips

Last time you got a raise?
No need to answer. I think I can guess.
But just maybe your time is coming.
Business Insider says these are three tips that really really really work.
1. You need to make the first offer. And go higher, so the boss has somewhere to work down from. If you let them make the first offer, it will be for a specific amount and that’s it. We all know its hard to negotiate up...so leave room to negotiate down.
2. Don't use round numbers. This is a little odd but instead of asking for -lets say- $65k a year, say $65,600. If you need to justify the weird number, say it's a percentage..maybe it works out to be a $15 percent pay raise. Supposedly if you say a strange number, like $65,600, they wont cut as much and will hopefully make it 65K
3. Ask for your raise while working on a big project. Don't wait until it's done. A study found that managers actually thought more of their workers during a project than after it was done..no matter how great a job you did. When it's over..it's over..forgotten.
And remember this....You cant get a raise if you don't ask, and in this day and age you just about have to. Who knows, maybe you'll be like 85 percent of the people who did...and got one!!!

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