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Smart Women Tips

 What to buy this month?
A new car- A lot of the dealerships are already selling their 2015 models...so they're trying to unload the 2014 models and to do that you should find lower prices.
Cruise tickets- The weather is unpredictable but Caribbean cruises usually are cheaper this month.
iPads- Apple is expected to show off new models later this month...and in the past when they've done that older models have dropped in price by as much as 25%.
Camping gear- Now that the season is basically over, almost everything goes on sale except for cold-weather things like down sleeping bags.
Pizza- Yes, this is a strange one, but pizza places usually offer great deals in October...probably because of football seasons. Look for good coupon from places like Dominos, Pizza Hut and Papa John's.
Things that you may want to stay way from this month..appliances, cold-weather clothing, electronics, big screen TV, and laptops...these things tend to go on sale next month, starting with Black Friday.

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