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Smart Women Tips

Never knew this....
The most important clothing item for women going in a job interview is?
Your blouse!!! At least according to CorporateFashionista.com.
They say whether you wear a jacket or not, it's your blouse that puts the spotlight on your face.
And you have a better chance of the interviewer remembering what you said if you've got a blouse on.
And here are the tips for picking out the right job- interview blouse.
Color- Don't go with the standard white. Find a flattering color that instantly highlights your entire face. I wouldn’t know which color either...ask a friend.
Print Size- If it is a print, make sure it's small. A big print overpowers facial features. The interviewer loses focus.
Skip the statement jewelry- Not good for an interview. Takes the focus away from your face. Save it for when you get hired.
Wear a high neckline. Doesn't mean you need to wear a turtleneck, or even button up the top button but a safe decision is a crew neck, moderate scoop neck or v-neck.
And when you get that new job...let me know!!
Good Luck!!

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