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Smart Women Tips

What not to buy at the grocery store!!!
Got these from Yahoo Finance and some do make a lot of sense!!
Salad Dressing - Yes, very tasty especially Paul Newman’s brand but you can make your own vinaigrette at home in less than a minute by mixing one part vinegar and three parts oil, and then adding salt and pepper. Save calories, save $ and save space on the inside of your refrigerator door.
Greeting cards - I spend so much money on cards when I go grocery shopping, but Yahoo says you can buy 50 blank cards and envelopes from Amazon for $7 and write your own messages.
Gift Cards - They recommend you buy yours at the actual store, which saves on the activation fee. I’m not sure about this one because when I buy gift cards at the grocery store they don’t have an activation fee. It’s the bank gift cards with the fees, so maybe give a store card instead.
Name brand spices - Expensive and most people can’t tell the difference, so look for generic spices or even grow your own herbs in a window planter.
Flowers - Buy bunches and make your own bouquets. Buying a pre-made bouquet at the grocery store can be very pricy.
Party supplies - Get them at the dollar store.
Lunchables - They’re pricey and not very healthy. Doesn’t take much to buy the ingredients separately and make your own. Quality is usually better too!
Batteries - Always expensive at the grocery store, so stock up at a place like Costco.
Bottled water - Usually no safer than tap water and it costs 1,000 times more.
Diapers - Big mark up at the grocery store. Buy in bulk from a place like Costco or even Amazon.

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