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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-26

Tell me what you think about this…

I'm sure we dont have the entire story, but it's enough to grab my attention…

and for me to cheer on these two moms..

Happened the other day in Fresno...A Mom and Step Mom were arrested for confronting 2 kids at their son's school who they say were bullying him. The two say they went to school adminstrators about their 12year old son getting bullied..but got no help. So they took matters into their own hands.

The pair allegedly showed up at the school cafateria and confronted two girls they say had been teasing and taunting their boy for months. These two moms are now accused of assaulting the girls.

Again..I dont know how far they went...but I am so tempted to call them Parents of the Day.

And how about that...a mom and stepmom working together. You dont hear that very often.


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-25

Ever get caught driving illegally in the carpool lane?

What's the ticket cost? Isn't it about $300?

I can honestly say I've never done it before.. not intentionally at least . As I know I would be the one to get the ticket. Could have been me yesterday though...I didn't realize it was 3...3-02 to be exact and I got out quickly!! But I can't believe how many solo drivers I see in that lane. Why don't they ever get caught?

Funny story this morning about a guy in Washington State who got caught in the carpool lane yesterday...He did have a passenger...a cardboard cut out he must have stolen from a neighborhood bar the night before...of The Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials.

Clever guy right..he even had him strapped in with a seat belt… Trooper was laughing… but still gave him a $124 ticket. You ever try to fake a passenger? Did it work?...And if it did..I wish I had your guts!!!

Have you gotten your KBAY mobile App yet? Here are your links.

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-24

I'm not sure why this bothered me as much as it did

so I'll see what you think. It doesn't effect me at all personally. I don't play baseball although I do love it, but I don't like messing with tradition.

So here it is...if you havent heard-after 131 years, the co mpany that makes Louisville Slugger bats has been sold to its rival Wilson Sporting Goods and for a lot of money 70 million dollars. Isn't Wilson the brand that was in Tom Hanks movie about him being stranded on an island.

The company CEO said they wanted the bat business kept in family hands, but things have changed and they had to make a tough decision. But I guess they're keeping the name...and that part I like because he also said they'd rather have the brand go on and have somebody else own it than potentially put it in jeopardy by keeping it in a family (that didn't want it)

The bats will still be made in Louisville, and still have the trademark logo but about a fifth of the company workers will lose their jobs.

So again..why do I feel bad? I guess I just don't like change...especially when it involves an iconic business. Plus I wonder why wouldn't the family want to keep it. It's called a family Legacy…


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-23

Who raises these kids?

his has got to be the stupidest thing we heard today.

In Boulder, Colorado a 12 year old girl tried to kill her Mom because she took away her


The Mom fell sick after drinking a smoothie ..smelled bleach... but just figured her sweet little girl who had just made it for her, had not properly washed out the glass.

A week or so later, the girl offers Mom another drink..this time just a glass of water. Mom smelled the bleach and when she asked her 12 year old about it, the girl confessed that it really was bleach. She wanted to kill her for taking away her cellphone.

Mom went to the hospital, called the cops and the 12 year old is now at Juvenile Hall on 2 counts of attempted first degree murder.

Can you believe these things really happen?

The worst my two daughters ever did was storm out and yell "I hate you" Boy , those were the days!! Who knew we had it so good.


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-20

Perfect for today...which happens to be Int l' Day of Happiness.

The happiest age in your life is supposedly 34. Maybe?

Can you remember back to 34? I don't know if I can!!

Although as I said this morning I think this might be my happiest year.

My girls could not be happier...My job is great. 10 years with Sam and I this weekend get to celebrate my third anniversary with Jeff. I had quietly decided when Mike died 8 years ago, I was fine to be alone for the rest of my life. I had it all for a very long time...but 3 years ago I met Jeff…and well….here I am...happiest year!!

But what about you? Can you even pick an actual age? Why 34?

Apparently you're married, having kids, making big strides in your career, getting some financial security and buying a house.

So lets examine...Happy in your 20s… you're young and fit, you have fewer responsibilities, you like what you look like, you get married.

Happy in your 30s.. You have kids, you're in love, you travel, you enjoy the fine things in life, you make smart decisions.

Happy in your 40s. You feel comfortable with yourself, you have a great family life, your kids are growing up...you're still in love.

Happy in your 50s.. You're comfortable financially and emotionally, work is winding down, you pay off your mortgage, you're traveling, your a grandparent

Happy in your 60s. You finally retire, you travel whenever you want, you have hobbies.

Happy in your 70s...You're ALIVE!!!

. http://www.kbay.com/Jukebox/9121712

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-19

Spring break has "broken".

Listening to a lot of my friends tell me where the college kids are this week.

Cabo..a cruise, Hawaii, So Cal. Not sure where this guy was...Brazil I think…

Humberto Moura Fonseca his name. I should say was his name. He tossed back 25 shots of vodka in just one m minute during a drinking competition , announced he felt ill, collapsed and died on the way to the hospital. Sam was in Newport Beach last weekend...and said just about everyone seemed to be a drunk college kid.

You know when I had spring break…..

yes here we go again with another way back when story LOL

But when I was on spring break from SJSU..I stayed at home and didn't do much of anything.

What about you?

When did Spring Break get to be such a big deal? My girls graduated from college in 07 and 11…

and I think they did something. I know why can't I remember? But I don't think it was anything too spectacular.

So again..when did spring break get so crazy?


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-18

You know how I love Oprah. I can only imagine the stuff she has in her homes.

She's closing her Chicago Harpo Studio and maybe even selling her apartment because I see she is having a big garage sale. Well, when it's Oprah, it's called an auction..LOL

There are 571 items..

antique furniture, paintings, prints,, ceramics and all sorts of memorabilia. There is a painting by American impressionist Richard Miller called "Nude in Red Robe". That one could get $120,000. All the money she makes will go to her Leadership Academy Foundation which supports Oprah's all girls education academy in

South Africa. Boy, do I wish I could take her to my daughters' all girls school in Willow Glen -Presentation.

I'm not a garage sale person. I have enough of my own junk to worry about.

But maybe you are and I guess the season is beginning.

Best deal you ever got? Maybe you can convince me to start going.

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-16

So here it is fellow Moms….

The new study that says we all at some point in our life should be making $253 thousand dollars a year.

This is exhausting to realize...that the average mom does 119 hours of work every week for her family.

Whoever did this figured out ten jobs and what they should get you every hour.

Housekeeper, $17 an hour.

Head chef, $25 an hour.

Teacher, $26 an hour.

Psychologist, $69 an hour.

Chauffeur, $18 an hour.

Entertainer, $44 an hour.

Personal shopper, $18 an hour.

Personal trainer, $29 an hour.

Lawyer, $72 an hour.

Nanny, $16 an hour.

This study was done in England and yesterday was their Mothers Day.

Did it leave out anything?

And can you figure out a way for us to collect? My girls are all grown up so I think I'm due a lot of back pay, although no matter what the age I think some of these jobs never end!!!

I love us Moms!!!


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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-13

Tis the season...for WEDDINGS!!

Yep, just realized my daughter Christina is getting married in 3 months..

She got engaged last April on Easter in fact and all of a sudden its almost here.

We're just about set. It was so much easier the second time although I still believe it's illegal to have two daughters get married within just about 2 years of each other.

And it certainly didn't get any cheaper in the last two years.

If you are planning a wedding or maybe just done one

today's story from The Knot will either make you feel better that you spent less or make you feel awful because you didn't even come close to this.

The average wedding now costs $31,213. Although in Manhattan it's closer to $76k.

And no that doesn't include the honeymoon.

The most expensive part is renting the venue, which costs an average $14k

The dress is about $1400. Although they don't tell you alterations...and yes there are always alterations..

cost another $500.

Average number of guests-136

Average number of bridesmaids is 4 or 5.

The average engagement gives you 14 months to save up.

1 in 4 weddings are now destination weddings.

Does Carmel and Paso Robles count as destination weddings? LOL

And this is the cake topper….1 in 2 weddings go over budget and only 6 % say under budget.
I don't care about any of the numbers...all I know is it was and will be the best day ever for me and my daughters!!!

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-12

This just seems so wrong.

A girl named Stephanie down in Palmdale talked a cop into "arresting" her

boyfriend at school yesterday. He was taken out in handcuffs and when he got to the quad..she was there with the sign asking him to go to the prom.

He said yes BTW and she, he and the cop are all smiling together in a photo at the end so

I guess all's well that end's well.. but it just doesnt seem right.

I cant find a nything good about this. I would'nt expect the police departrment to be happy about this either. Am I over analyzing this? I am prepared to "let it go".

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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-11

So I'm thinking Brian Williams isn't coming back to NBC Nightly News.

He was always number beating ABC and CBS in the ratings, but now with his

"fall from grace" his replacement Lester Holt who is also wonderful is also number one.

They did drop 3 percent last week in the coveted 25-54 age group, but so did the other two

networks. So he's in...and I think for good!

Do you even watch the network news? I do..but I'm a news junkie. In fact I sometimes watch news from 4 to 7 pm...and usually ABC.. although often at 6 I switch to KPIX-TV (CBS) to watch

my best friends husband Mike Sugerman who has got to be the most talented guy on local TV.

Talk about my longevity….37 years San Jose radio mornings...Mike has been at either KCBS or KPIX or both for over 25 years. He's a keeper ...that's for sure. And Like Sam is also in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-10

So here it is…

The one thing that makes you happier. (we think)

A college professor from Pennsylvania says there's a simple trick to

becoming a happier person, and it only takes ten minutes a day.

You do it at night. Write down three things that went well that day. You can do it on the computer or with a paper and pen. And they can be little things...even a compliment on what you wore that day

or maybe that you got to work early. Then next to each of the three things answer the question "Why did this happen"? Don't write a lot..just a sentence that sums it up. Could be as simple as I got to work early because I didn't hit the snooze button.

That's it...The guy says if you do it everyday, you learn to focus on the positive, not the negative.

And while it may take six months to get the hang of it, you will end up a happier person.

Okay..it's March 10th...let me know how this worked for you on September 10th!!!



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-9

This is a sad commentary on how we're raising our kids and how we are living our own lives.

A new survey says 14 percent of us have never written a letter.

Really? 2 in ten have never made an actual photo album without using something like Shutterfly and 3 in ten have never made someone a mix tape or CD. I'll let people get away with that one and mainly because I myself have never made one. I've had co workers make people mix tapes or CD's but I don't know how to do it..LOL I guess I should. I have worked at a radio station the last 37 years of my life.

But getting back to the letter writing. Doesnt that bother you too? Even worse, almost 2 in ten have never written a thank you note by hand. I guess if they send one they buy one already written and all they need to do is sign their name.. 3 in ten have never even made a home made card.

Shame on us...



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-6

I don't want to get political here...not at all. I love my city of San Jose and

I love our police department...and while there are some bad cops all across this country of ours

most every cop is a good cop. And no one knows it better than this little girl..10 year old Savannah Solis of East Texas. This goes back to December when those two New York police officers were shot. Like all of she she was so upset, but unlike most of she did something. She started writing thank you notes and giving them to random cops in her home town but also mailed many to New York..Shes done about 700 far..500 have gone to cops in Texas and 200 to cops in New York.

Last week Jet Blue sent Savannah and her family to New York so she could meet some of the cops she sent cards to. And she's been given special thank yous in Texas. Savannah's goal- to tell as many cops as possible that they're heroes and she appreciates what they do for us.

And what a great idea that is.

We should all take some time to do that.

We need our cops…

And why not let them know we appreciate them.

I remember on the anniversary of 9-11 I took a pie to the firehouse in my neighborhood. Made me feel so good. Why not do the same for our police officers!!!!



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-5

We are such creatures of habit. I go to a Board Mtg or even a meeting here at KBAY in the

Conference room and I try to sit in the seat every single time. Don't we all do that.

I guess it's the same reason we go to the same restaurants all the time. We don't like change.

And we're no different with our beds.

Thus survey I think hits the pillow right on the head..LOL

1.Men are more likely to sleep on the right side than women.

2. Women are more likely to sleep facing away from their partner than men do…

and why...it maximizes how much space they have and minimizes touching.

Sam said his wife-Carol-does that. And while I am by myself most every night..LOL
I do that with Jeff…

3. More than half of us didn't really give any thought to it when we first picked sides except for maybe me I always -even in a hotel room-go to the side with the clock.

4. 20 percent would pick the other side if they could do it again...but let me tell you there is no going back. You never change what you started...not when it comes to your bed!

5. And if you asked your partner to switch..he or she I promise you would say no..

Wrong? Right? Or did you just handle it all by sleeping in a separate bedroom LOL?



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-4

Did you by chance see the story on the ABC News last nite about

retired Boston Red Sox baseball star Curt Schilling? And yes, he was a star!!!

He gave all of us parents a great lesson this week.

His baby girl who is now I think 19 or 20 also plays ball-softball. I guess she's quite the pitcher

and shes gorgeous.She signed on with the Save Regina Seahawks and proud Dad quickly tweeted the good news. A couple of guys chimed in with pretty vulgar responses. Curt said he had never even heard such bad stuff in the locker room. So as a good Dad..he tracked these guys down...yes, he found them

which isnt hard to do when you tweet. One kid worked for the Yankees selling tickets. He doesnt anymore. Another was in community college . He got suspended.

I love what Curt said "In the real world you get held accountable for the things you say and if you are not careful that can mean some different things".

Way to go Dad!!!!



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-3

Love today's "isn't that nice" story….

About 91 year old Barbara Beskind who believe it or not is a tech designer for IDEO, a

company in Palo Alto. Yes she is 91. She goes to work every Thursday. Isn't that crazy?

I said this morning that I wished my Dad were alive so I could have introduced them. He died when he was 91...and until just before his death he was also still going strong.

Quite the story about Barbara. The Today show did an entire feature on her. She always wanted to be an inventor but knew the job required an engineering degree and her guidance counselor in high school told her women weren't being accepted by engineering schools so she joined the ARMY and became an occupational therapist instead.

2 years ago she saw a story on IDEO...and applied for a job. She said it took her two months to write her resume. It started at 9 pages but she did it, wrote a cover letter and mailed it!!!

She got the job...the staff loves her...and she works on projects that relate to aging.

Says its the best experience she has ever had.

Makes you smile doesn't it?

Just what will you be doing at age 91?



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Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-2

Haven't we all had a child begging us to get a pet...especially a dog?.

Goldfish never seem to be enough. So if you've got a child right now begging

for a dog..and you don't want to get one..stop reading. Just move on.

Because all this next paragraph will do is make you go get a pet..a dog or a cat.

And in my case I have both...one dog..2 cats. Christina also has a horse and we did have an annoying talking bird for many years. Oh, and we had an aquarium too. Now that was a disaster.

I digress. Getting back to pets. I saw today there are 3 ways owning a pet is good for you.

1. You are less likely to feel lonely. True enough. I was alone for many years. Pets are perfect company.

2. Kids who grow up with pets don't have as many allergies. Unless you're my son in law!! But research shows kids are 20% less likely to suffer from wheezing if there's a dog in the house, and 15% less likely to develop eczema.

3. They're good for your heart. And now just because you tend to get more exercise if you own a dog. Even cat owners were 40% less likely to die of a heart attack .

Just 3 reasons owning a pet is good for you?

There's got to be a fourth. What do you say?



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