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Sam and Lissa's Blog

It would be great if I won the Mega Lotto tonite, or Sam or you…
But lets face it our chances are slim.
However…just in case
Here is your step by step guide for what to once you win and stop your screaming!!!

  1. Sign the back of the ticket. That way it is yours guaranteed! Then make a photo copy, take a photo of yourself with it, and lock it in a safe.
  2. Your first call should be to a lawyer. Yes, even before you tell every single relative, they say you need to get a lawyer involved. This is a lot of money. Don’t let anything go wrong.
  3. Think realistically about how much you just won.  Remember, you owe Uncle Sam about half of what you won. And if anyone else had the winning numbers, you’re splitting it with them too.
  4. Try to hide your identity. If you can, have your lawyer form a trust and stay anonymous.
  5. Plan one good splurge. It helps you calm down!!! Just wait until you have the money in the bank.
  6. Lock the money into investments. Every single long lost relative and friend will be calling you. The more you lock into investments, the less guilty you have to feel about saying No a Million times!!!
You may not need this list this weekend…but save it…who knows about later..LOL!!!


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03/30/2012 9:39AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog
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