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Sam and Lissa's Blog 9-27

Just realized today that I have never been to a “real” tailgating party. I’ve gone early to
a game like the 49ers, and had a few  chips and maybe a margarita, but never a “party” where you’re sitting in a lawn chair next to your car….and someone is bbqing.
Wow, have I led a sheltered life!!! What have I been missing out on?
I’ll have to ask you if these 8 do’s and don’ts for successful tailgating are correct or not.

1.  DO go to bed early the night before.  You need to get up early to get a spot close to the stadium.
 2.  DON'T bring frozen Costco hamburger patties.  Show respect for the tradition, the game, and YOURSELF.  Make your own burgers from ground beef.
 3.  DO bring enough food, maybe even to share, on either side of you.
 4.  DO bring extra ice . . . more than you think you could ever possibly use. 
 5.  DO bring a TV to keep up with the other games.
 6.  DON'T leave a mess behind.
 7.  DO carry a case of beer around the parking lot and talk to other fans.  You don't have to spend the whole time in your own spot.  And if you're single, walking around with beer you're willing to share is a good idea, for obvious reasons.
8.      DON'T get so drunk that you miss the game.
Is there another rule I need to know about?
And I don’t know about you, but who wants to be full before you go into the ballpark. Half the fun to me is going from place to place for a hot dog, peanuts, soda  and of course a chocolate malt!!!



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09/27/2013 9:40AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 9-27
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