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Sam and Lissa's Blog 9-21

Fall means pumpkin spice lattes and FOOTBALL!!!!
Sam and I this morning had the list of 5 of the worst things you can eat while watching the game on TV…because goodness knows if you go to a football game, you’ll certainly be eating fine faire..LOL!!!
#1.)  Pulled Pork Sandwich.  The reason they're so good is because the pork is usually REALLY fatty.
--A CHILI DOG is actually better for you . . . even though the hot dog has fat . . . because the beans help fill you up more than pulled-pork-on-bread does.  Plus, chili usually has at least SOME vegetables in it.
#2.)  Bratwurst.  A hot dog is healthier, but mostly just because it's smaller.  An average bratwurst has 260 calories and 21 grams of fat, while a hot dog has 150 calories and 14 grams of fat.
--Sausages also tend to have more SATURATED fat than hot dogs, which is bad for your cholesterol.
#3.)  Bean Dip.  It's usually made with cheese, which adds extra calories and fat.  So guacamole is better, because it has HEALTHY fat.
--But you have to be careful about the pre-made guacamole they sell at grocery stores, because sometimes it's made with a bunch of sour cream.
#4.)  Artichoke Dip.  Again, the cheese is what makes it bad for you, and two tablespoons can have 150 calories.  Compare that to French Onion dip, which has about 60.
#5.)  Margaritas.  Because of all the sugar, one big margarita can easily be 500 calories.  So pretty much ANY drink is better than that.  Most beers have between 100 and 150 calories.
Whatever..go eat and enjoy!!!!



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09/21/2012 10:06AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 9-21
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