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If there’s one thing Sam and I have in common it’s we’re always on a diet?
You too?
He’s on some meat/chicken diet right now and I’m on Weight Watchers. I’ve actually lost 9 pounds and ever so slowly…like a pound a week. I know you’re looking at me like I’m crazy but we all know where we want to be on the scale. And speaking of scales, we were cracking up this morning as a few weeks ago when I went to weigh in, I gained 2 tenths of a pound and I was so sure the scale was wrong….so I tried all 3. And the entire time the woman was looking at me with disdain pointing to the sticker on the scale that says it’s been calibrated by Weights and Measures.
Anyway we’ve always got diet on the brain…so today we had the 5 weird weight loss tricks that work…or so they say

  1. Have dessert for breakfast. They say people who ate a breakfast with a sweet treat kept off more weight than those who ate a smaller breakfast with no goodies. You’re basically supposed to get your sweet temptation out of the way quickly.
  2. Cut up your food. Little pieces may trick your brain into thinking you’re eating a lot.
  3. Exercise in the morning…never mind!!
  4. Drink warm water before a meal. You fill up faster and eat less.
  5. Eat More…5 or 6 meals a day can boost your metabolism…especially if you load up on lean protein, fiber and other nutrients.
I say we just repeat number one!!!! 


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09/13/2013 9:23AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 9-13
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