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If you’re like me and you eat out a lot…this may make you think twice
Next time you look at the menu…No, not talking about how full of germs the menu is but what’s on the menu and for what price.
4 things restaurants charge way too much for other than soda and coffee!!!
Wine…almost always marked up by at least 200 %
But this was surprising….The second cheapest wine is actually marked up the most because a lot of people think if they order the CHEAPEST wine…they’ll look like a cheapskate.
Pasta…You can buy a box of pasta in the store for 2 bucks…serves 4-6.. An average pasta dish at a restaurant costs anywhere from $8-$18. Must be the sauce..LOL!!!
Pizza….Same as pasta. The dough is mainly flour and water…so again the sauce and Pepperoni must be really expensive…
Keep in mind Little Caesars sells pizza for 5 bucks and they still make a profit.
Add-ons..meaning appetizers, side orders and desserts. They’re really overpriced and half the time you don’t even want them but the waiter starts talking about them and you can’t resist.
What did I leave out? 


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08/09/2012 9:54AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-9
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