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Let’s see how you stack up on this one.
The 7 most dreaded “Mom” tasks around the house:
 1.Putting photos in frames. If you saw my house, you know I have no problem with that. I have so many framed pictures, but putting pictures in an album, now that’s a different story. Hence the boxes of photos in my garages
  2.Matching Tupperware lids. Where do they disappear to once you put them in the dishwasher? I’m thinking they meet up someplace private with the socks you lose in the dryer.
   3. Pairing socks. Why can’t I throw mis- matched socks away? I always save them thinking someday they will turn up. They never do.

   4. Weeding through too-small clothes. Why is it we tend to keep everything, I Along with the boxes of photos, I have all my daughters costumes, dancing outfits and even a lot of their baby clothes.
   5. Dealing with the kids' artwork. Don’t we all need to rent a storage locker for this.
   6. Organizing the playroom. Every doll and dinosaur should have a permanent home –But as soon as you find one, it gets taken out again…never to be put back.
   7. Rearranging your daughter's dollhouse. Keeping a normal-sized house clean is always a challenge, but organizing accessories that are a mere half-centimeter can be daunting!  I spent hours fixing my girls doll houses and they had a bunch of them. Used to organize the toy kitchen as well. In fact, I spent more time in the toy kitchen than the real one.
Give me a number 8….or even an 8 and a 9. My girls are all grown up now…I may have forgotten a couple.

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08/07/2013 9:52AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-7
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