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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-29

So here it is…how to figure out if your cat or dog is left or right handed..
And no…we still don’t know why you need to figure this out..but a Vet says it’s good to know…LOL!!!
#1.)  Fill a toy with treats, then put it in the center of your pet's field of vision.  Which paw does he use to touch it first? 
#2.)  Put something sticky on their nose and see which paw they use to remove it. 
#3.)  Put a treat under the sofa just out of their reach, and see which paw they use to try to get it out. 
The only problem is the Vet….Dr. Stefanie Schwartz says you need to do these tests 100 TIMES to get a definitive answer, especially with cats who sometimes mess around and use both paws.  But if one paw is dominating your results before 100, that's your pet's dominant paw….so I would stop early…LOL!!!
Let me know what you find out….You might need to move the food to the left or the right corner of your kitchen!!!


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08/29/2012 9:51AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-29
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