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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-28

Still not sure about the Burger King Fry burger...Do we really want fries ON our burger?
So here’s the other question…do you want to get your fries from a vending machine?
Mentioned this early this morning…
There’s a new vending machine in Brussels, Belgium that offers piping hot French fries and mayo or ketchup.
The whole process takes about a minute and a half. You drop in your coins, select a condiment and the machine does the rest. It drops frozen fries into steaming beef fat, then dumps them into a paper cone when they’re done cooking. You get a tiny fork and a foil packet of sauce.  I think that could be a hit here…what do you think?
How many times do you walk by the vending machine at work…and just stare. There’s nothing you want. Well, this might hit the spot!
Always curious…if you could fill the vending machine, what would you put in it? I just looked at ours. We’ve got 5 types of chips, several types of crackers, cheez-its, corn nuts, 3 different trail mixes, 12 candy bars, cookies and mints and lifesavers. Not bad actually, if I weren’t on Weight Watchers!!!



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08/28/2013 10:03AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-28
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