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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-26

Looked up National Dog Day this morning and this came up from Dayna Steele. It is so funny!! Who needs a real pooch when you have co workers who also have “dog like” qualities?  I bet you can name someone at the office for each dog type she listed.
Have fun!!!
Old Dog. The favorite phrase of this employee or manager is: “But we have always done it this way.” New tricks are not in his or her repertoire.
Puppy. This is the overly enthusiastic intern or administrative assistant who continually pops out of nowhere to be of help. This person means well but occasionally needs to be crated.
Leg Humper. The sexual harasser who comes in many ages and forms but still does not realize his (or her) sexual come-ons and innuendos are not welcome. Or legal.
Bull Dog. The company bully; the manager or employee who gossips and demeans other employees for his or her own enjoyment and advancement.
Sniffer. Outside of dog circles, this would be the cubicle surfer always on the lookout to see what you are doing, what you are getting, if your office is better, and if your workload is lighter.
Pedigree. The employee with an MBA, usually in a mid-level position, who looks down on everyone in the company. He is constantly insinuating that he will be leaving this company, unworthy of his talents (or hers), soon to take his tricks elsewhere.
Alpha Dog. This top-level member of management may be a former pedigree dog or may have clawed his or her way to the top. However he or she got there, always remember this is the Top Dog.
Mutt. The hardest working, most loyal employee of all who will probably never make management. These are the employees who keep the company going strong. Every once in a while, a mutt deservedly claws his or her way to the top.
Best Trained. The administrative assistants who, in reality, run everything in the company. They know the most tricks, they know every company fact and figure, they know which kibble you eat and what dog bowl you prefer--and they know where all the bones are buried. This one should truly be man or woman’s best friend within the company.?

Are you brave enough to say which dog you are? I picked the Mutt for me and Old Dog for Sam  although he is more than able to handle new tricks and does so all the time. But Old Dog was just too perfect!!! 

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08/26/2013 9:32AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-26
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