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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-23

Do I break the news to you now or later? Maybe you heard us this morning or maybe you’re living through it right now.
According to a British survey and apparently the Brits are the only ones who do surveys.
The average kid moves back at age 23…and stays for 3 years. One in 4 stay for 5 years and one in 8 stay for …are you ready…10 years. That would be a decade.
Living at home helps adult kids save about $180 a week (yep, obviously Britain)
Plus they get good home cooking…unless as we said this morning its my house..LOL!!!
Living at home is harder for daughters than it is for sons. The women feel like a child again while living at home…but only one in 10 men feel the same way. Could that be because men don’t ever grow up anyway?…OUCH…obviously spoken by a Mom who has daughters and not sons.. Ha ha…I apologize!!!
So do tell..how long has your adult child been back at home?. It’s the norm now.
Victoria moved back home for a while but I think I’m safe now…Both girls only visit!!! And of course, not nearly enough!!!!!!

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08/23/2012 9:23AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-23
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