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I know summer is basically done…so why am I talking about traveling?
But it’s aimed at your next trip.
I read this morning that 26 million suitcases are lost or misplaced in airports every year.
That’s a lot!!!
But there is now a gadget you can buy for $50…that can help you find your bag
It’s about the size of your palm and you pack it in your bag .It ets you know with a text or an e mail that it’s arrived with you r has been sent to Duluth!!
The activation fee is $9 and the yearly service fee is $13, but I’m guessing after the first time you lose your bag you’re willing to pay this…Look it up at trakdot.com
I have already bought one of those gadgets that weighs your suitcase…For years, I would step on my scale at home with my overloaded suitcase and try to weigh it. It never worked. It was like a comedy routine. Plus I almost got a hernia lifting the thing about 10 times and still never getting the scale to move. But I saw at Macys and for just 25 dollars this gizmo that you attach to the handle and when you lift the suitcase it weighs it. It’s been accurate too…49 pounds every single time..except for in Thailand when the big tour books we had put it at 51…LOL!!
Happy traveling….Next time!!!


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08/20/2013 9:44AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-20
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