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Tears at Work…..I am guilty. And over the years I’ve always told my daughters don’t cry at work… Makes you look weak…(and bad LOL)…but I’ve got to admit…I don’t practice what I preach although I haven’t cried at work in at least a year.. I think it was last October. LOL!!! In fact, we have a joke here at the radio station. When I’m told the Boss wants to talk me  to  I always say “ Do I need to bring in my box of Kleenex” and I always wait to get the yes or no!!!
Saw in Redbook that you should do whatever you can not to cry at work…
Even if it means saying “Excuse me, I need a moment” They say most bosses still see crying as a sign of weakness and immaturity and the inability to keep your feelings in check will undermine peoples perception of you.



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08/20/2012 9:23AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-20
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