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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-2

It’s the little things in life that just make you feel darn good.
Went over some of these this morning.
See how many you agree with:  
1.  A compliment from a friend or significant other.
 2.  Having hair that was just styled, cut, or colored.
 3.  Looking good in a photo.
 4.  Having perfectly smooth legs.
 5.  Getting a good night's sleep.
 6.  Cuddling. 
7.  Being told, "I love you."
8.  Coming back from vacation with a tan.
9.  A smile from a stranger. 
10.  Wearing new underwear. 
11.  Being told, "You look young." 
12.  Being asked where you bought something. 
13.  Getting dressed up. 
14.  A child saying you're pretty. 
15.  Waking up without any blemishes. 
16.  Wearing clothes that show off the best part of your body. 
17.  Getting your eyebrows done. 
18.  Being asked out on a date. 
19.  A new manicure. 
20.  Putting on makeup.
So how many?  Any good ones we missed?
And how about #21….A WEEKEND!!!
Enjoy yours!!!!!


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08/02/2013 9:12AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-2
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