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Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-13

Is it too late to warn you about fashion no-nos for the summer?
Lets see if I have these right?
1.Socks & Sandals.
2. High Fashion Bathing Suits. If your bikini costs $800 and you're afraid to get it wet, then why buy it?.
3. Exposed Bra Straps.
4. Baby String Bikinis. 
5. Mixed Season Trends. Skirts and UGGS aren't where it's at.
6. Super Short Shorts. 
7. The Wrong Type/Color Underwear. Your black undies peeking out beneath white pants is not good. 
 8. Too Much Skin, All At Once. Showing off your sexy legs? Then put "the girls" away,
 9. Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt. This doesn't look good from 9-5, think "Dwight Schrute" from "The Office."  
 10. Unmanicured Feet and Hands. You can find a find a good mani-pedi for just 25-bucks  (so they say..LOL) and by the way, guys? Pampering isn't just for the fairer sex, anymore.

What did I miss? Go ahead...add it!!!



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08/13/2012 9:28AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-13
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