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Realized over the weekend I have been on Weight Watchers now for 2 months..
I’ve lost a big 7 pounds..LOL!!!
Actually, I’m very proud of myself and am almost at goal.
But boy sometimes it’s tough to stay disciplined…
So Cosmopolitan Magazine to the rescue!!
This cracks me up….their list of weird products that are designed to make you LOOK thinner even when you’re not…no diet or exercise needed!!
1. Apps That Make You Look Skinny. The "Skinny Camera" app magically shrinks you. "Skinny Booth" works on slimming just your face. And "Plump and Skinny Booth" shrinks down your waist AND plumps up your boobies!!!! 
2. Thinning Perfumes. Apparently if you smell like a grapefruit, people will think you're smaller.  And floral scents make you seem skinny, young and energetic.  Just make sure you don't smell like jalapeño . . . supposedly it adds five to seven pounds.
3. Butt-lifting Pants. They have compression fabric that's supposed to be uplifting.
4. Full Body Shapewear. Basically, a Spanx Bodysuit.  You're outfitted from elbows to knees in a "powernet," made of "shape-squeezing" material. Unfortunately, your unsqueezed calves, forearms, and head might still look fat.
5. Optical Illusion Outfits. Like skinny jeans with a black stripe down the side, that visually "cut off" the outside of your thighs. Or a white t-shirt with black circles on the sides that optically carve away your midsection.
6. Slimming Glasses. Find a style that naturally slims your face . . . but get them with blue magnification lenses.  Blue food supposedly looks disgusting, so you'll eat less.  And if you magnify it, you'll think you've eaten more.
Okay..maybe we should just stick to the diet!!!



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08/12/2013 9:04AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 8-12
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