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Weddings…are we done with them for summer? Only if your name is George Clooney.
Don’t get me started on him. I love him There is no one more handsome but what is his story? Breaking up with Stacy Keibler. Seems like two years is his max. And why would any girl date him? Yes..silly me, what am I thinking. I’m guessing though every woman who dates him thinks she can change him and become the one he marries. Not ever going to happen!!!
But getting back to weddings..LOL
A story this morning that the most popular gift is the electric knife. Really?
And did you get one? I can’t remember when someone told me they bought one of those. Mine is years old…and I never use it.  Electric wine openers? Now those are popular. I think Victoria got three!!!
And in case you are going to a wedding…Cosmo this month says never ever wear these:
1. A white dress.    2. A super-short dress.   3. A super-tight dress.    4. Loud, wild prints.    5. A plunging neckline and no bra.    6. Jeans.    7. Anything that reveals your thong or belly button.   8. A super-sparkly dress.   9. A short-sleeve dress shirt.    10. Head-to-toe black. 
And heres a question? Does anyone throw rice anymore….or is it birdseed now..or rose petals?
We didn’t throw anything when Tori and Matt walked out of the Mission, although the bells did toll… which just gave me goosies!!!



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07/09/2013 9:49AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-9
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