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I scream…you scream…we all scream for ice cream!!!
The website IceCream.com (yes, there really is such a website) has a list of
7 popular ice cream flavors and what they say about your personality.
#1.)  Chocolate.  If it's you're favorite, they say it means you're "lively, creative, and dramatic." 
--If you like "double chocolate chunk," it means you look for passionate, exciting relationships.
#2.)  Vanilla.  You'd assume it means you're boring and bland.  But apparently people who like vanilla tend to be RISK TAKERS, and usually rely on intuition when they're faced with a problem.  
#3.)  Strawberry.  It means you're thoughtful and logical, but you tend to be a follower rather than a leader.  You also weigh your options carefully, so it sometimes takes you a long time to make decisions.
#4.)  Mint Chocolate Chip.  People who say it's their favorite tend to be ambitious and confident, and like making plans and thinking ahead.  They also tend to be skeptics.
--If you like chocolate chip ice cream WITHOUT the mint, it means you're ambitious, competitive, hard working, and good in social situations.
#5.)  Coffee.  Coffee ice cream fans tend to over-commit to things, and always start new projects before they finish the last one.  They can also be very flirtatious.
#6.)  Rocky Road.  It means you're practical, but you're outgoing in social situations.  And you're more sensitive to criticism than most people are.
 #7.) Butter Pecan.  You're devoted, respectful, and careful with money.  And you think integrity is a very important trait to have.  (--So, senior citizens apparently . . . which sounds about right for butter pecan.) 
Which one is you? Accurate?
DO tell!!!!


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07/06/2012 9:30AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-6
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