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Myths about summer.
How do we have fun?
The Washington Post has decided to debunk a few of them…and all I can say is I hope they’re right. Because if they’re not…Sam is the one who told you..LOL!!!
I’m afraid to repeat this one in case it is wrong but the Post claims poison ivy isn’t contagious. They also say you can swallow your watermelon seeds. I say why bother just buy seedless watermelon.
Not true that mosquitoes love people who taste sweet!! Mosquitoes are more into your breath. But it is true that you shouldn’t scratch your bites.
Not true that you should pee on your jellyfish stings. That could cause the jellyfish cells to release more venom. They say to get the tentacles off…but not with your fingers of course. And cover your sting with vinegar.
Not true that you need to stay out of the water for half an hour after you eat. You might get a cramp but that’s it.
Any other myths you grew up with and know aren’t true?



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07/02/2013 9:48AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-2
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