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Read this morning that restaurant business is way up this summer. Got to say when I was in Vegas….and saw the crowds and the lines I was thinking..”recession…what recession”?
And all types of restaurants are seeing an uptick in business….family places, upscale places and yes fast food restaurants..
So thought it might be a good thing to share this article…
6 things to avoid at a fast food place and supposedly according to employees!!!
Chicken Nuggets…Lots of icky things were said about these. (luckily I don’t like them!!)
Wendys Chili-the meat supposedly comes from burgers that were on the grill too long. Those go in the fridge and then eventually get chopped up for the chili
Ice- Employees say the soda-ice machines are tough to clean and keep mold free and that when they do clean them..they concentrate on the most visible areas.
Anything at Subway that looks bad- employees say if the food colors don’t look right, if the floor’s a mess, if it smells…you’re at a bad Subway!!!
Grilled Chicken—from any of the places…employees say the grilled chicken breasts are slathered in margarine to keep them from sticking or defrosted in vats of hot water.
Five Guys large fries- No bad food..just that the large versus the small fries are almost the same..so get the small and save money.
Hmmmm…makes you think doesn’t it?

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07/18/2012 10:28AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-18
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