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You might want to pass this on to your “20 something” kids.
The top 4 things “kids” in their 20s waste money on.
1.Apartments they cant afford.
2 Lunch during the work week. What kid in their 20s packs their lunch? So if they spend $10-15 five days a week, that’s over $3500 a year. Tell them to pack their own lunch!!!
3.Partying. Even just one night a week can set them back $75.
4.Coffee. This one might apply to you as well!!!!  Go to Starbucks or another coffee place 5 times a week and you’re talking over a thousand dollars a year. Look around you next time you’re in a coffee house. Most of the people are young…and they order expensive drinks because they still can’t tolerate a NORMAL cup of coffee like us old timers…which I might add you can make for about 20 cents a cup at home.

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07/17/2012 10:04AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 7-17
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