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It’s the never ending graduation season. Reading all of your posts on Facebook it seems like graduation has been going on for weeks and I guess it has. Some colleges got out mid May….and  some schools don’t get out until next week. But I have loved seeing all of your wonderful pictures and reading all the wonderful comments.
I don’t care if it’s Kindegarten….or College….It’s always a big deal!!!! Don’t we love reasons to celebrate especially when they involve our kids.!!!
I’m actually going to San Luis Obispo this weekend. Christina’s boyfriend is graduating Cal Poly……Rough trip to make…LOL. Who doesn’t love going to San Luis Obispo.  Actually since both Victoria and Christina graduated from there I’ve been making trip after trip for 9 years. There’s a reason she didn’t want to come back to San Jose…well maybe a few of them…her teaching job , her horse, her boyfriend, and the area.
Will the next place you travel to be Disneyland? Could be!!!! Go to the KBAY Facebook Page.
If you haven’t made plans for tomorrow other than listening to Sam and Lissa from 10-3 ..LOL!!! Sam will be emceeing the National Kidney Foundation Walk at City View Plaza in the morning…or us it’s just a walk away….That’s the office- parking complex at San Fernando and Almaden which is also where KBAY is located.

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06/08/2012 9:37AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-8
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06/09/2012 6:42PM
Saturday morning
KBAY Saturday morning How many days ahead do you record the DJs for Saturday morning programming?  At 11:50AM Saturday June 9,  your female DJ made an offhand remark how I'll Have Another could win the Triple Crown at the Belmont.  The horse was scratched on Friday from the race for a sore tendon on the left front leg.  If your DJ was live then she had a Kathy Lee Gifford moment.  I hate Kathy Lee Gifford for what she did to Martin Short live on TV.  I normally listen to Marty Lurie on KNBR 680 The Sports Leader at that time.  I was inside El Pollo Loco at the time and do not listen to KBAY otherwise.  Since your on air talent? cannot broadcast responsibly I will not listen to your station unless forced to.
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