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Are you good at remembering names? I’m not. Great at faces and remembering what these “nameless” people have told me…but names…Oh boy..I’m usually in trouble.
I saw this today..and I’m going to try it. Might work for you too.
Number one is Focus and I have to admit a lot of times when I meet new people I don’t pay attention to their name…I’m already moving into conversation.
Repeat the name…and if it’s unusual, ask them to spell it for you. Don’t do that with Dave though. LOL!!! Then repeat in your mind a few times…
Think of someone else with the same name. Could be a celebrity or someone you knew in school. As long as you link the name with someone who’s already part of your long term memory…you’re not supposed to forget it.
Think of something it rhymes with. Try and think of a crazy rhyme
And find something unusual about the person…If his name is Fred and he has big ears..remember him as Big Ear Fred. Just don’t call him that next time you see him!!!
I don’t know…what did you say your name was? LOL
 Hey..have you gone to the KBAY Facebook page? That’s something to remember. You could win your family a first class trip to Disneyland… 


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06/06/2012 9:45AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-6
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