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Favorite summertime drink….Could it be a margarita? I sure love them…and yes you’ve got to have salt. So you can bet I noticed this headline today…You can get a rash from your margarita!!!
 So here come the details…
When you squeeze a lime into a drink like a margarita, a little of the oil from the lime gets on your hand.  When you drink it, the lime gets on your lips.
And if you suffer from an allergy called phytophotodermatitis, when the sun hits that lime oil, it can cause a RASH that's similar to poison ivy.  Scientists have nicknamed it "margarita dermatitis."
You probably don't know if you have phytophotodermatitis or not . . . but if you notice you're getting weird blisters on your hand or mouth after you have a margarita this summer, that could be the reason.
If you get the rash, go to a doctor, and they can give you something to treat it in a few days.  Otherwise, it will fade . . . but that can take a few weeks. 
 And if you don’t get the rash….just keep on drinking…LOL!!
I think I’m in the clear….but I might need to do further tasting…I mean testing!!!


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06/04/2013 9:40AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-4
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