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Never hang out with people on a diet unless you’re on one too!!!
Everything I look at these days seems to have something to do with a diet.
Sam and I found this today….the menu items with the most calories at certain fast food places.
Burger King BREAKFAST PLATTER has 1,450 calories, and takes two hours of basketball to burn off.     
McDonald's BIG BREAKFAST has 1,350 calories.  That takes four hours of cycling.
KFC 10-piece bag of CHICKEN BITES has 1,300 calories.  That would take five hours of dancing.
Wendy's three-quarter-pound DAVE'S HOT 'N' JUICY burger has 1,120 calories.  That's four hours of bowling.
STEAK and WHITE CHEDDER on baguette from Panera Bread has 980 calories.  That takes two hours of low-impact aerobics to burn off. 
Taco Bell's VOLCANIC NACHOS has 970 calories.  That's an hour of tae kwon do.     
Subway MEGA MELT on FLATBREAD with egg has 660 calories.  You'll need to rollerblade for an hour.  
And a SLICE of Pizza Hut's 14-inch LARGE MEAT LOVER'S PAN PIZZA has 470 calories.  That's an hour's worth of weight training.
As I said this morning…stick to the yogurt for breakfast. 2 points on Weight Watchers if you get Yoplait!!!!


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06/27/2013 9:48AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-27
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