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Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-23

The stuff we learn…Have you ever heard of Scrapple?
I hadn’t…Sam had…but had never eaten it.
But 2 listeners..Paul and Wendy called this morning with slightly different variations but basically its all the left-over stuff from pork…Would these be called the “yucky by products”? LOL!! You put it in a pan like you would meatloaf…cook it..and then fry it. I guess its big back east. Wendy had it for breakfast with eggs..
What started the conversation was the 5 american foods the rest of the world doesn’t want to touch…They love our burgers, hot dogs and apple pie..
But it’s a NO on
1.Grits.. foreigners think they’re bland and gooey.
2.Root Beer- They just don’t get the taste…say it tastes like medicine…
3.Scrapple- see above..LOL!
4.Cornbread- They’re just not yet familiar with it…kind of like Scrapple!!!
5.Fried Green Tomatoes: Too Southern I think..although some British chefs have tried it.
What did I leave out? What American food don’t YOU even get?


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06/22/2012 9:37AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-23
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