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 You ever think how many dirty germy things you touch every day..
It’s a wonder we’re all alive. LOL!!!
Here are 5 things you might not think about… but oh..are they icky!!!

  1. Gas Pumps. 7 out of 10 are contaminated with germs.
  2. Restaurant Menus: Now this is gross.They rarely get wiped down. SO you should wash your hands after you order. Even worse are those little drink menus sometimes on the table…LOL!!!
  3. Lemon and Lime Wedges. DO I dare tell you….The germ folks ordered 21 different drinks at various restaurants that came with a lime or lemon and they found 25 different micro-organisms living in them.…including e coli.
  4. Escalators. Covered in bacteria that can cause respiratory infections. Same thing on handrails on busses, trains and stairways.
  5. Condiment dispensers…Ketchup bottles and salt and pepper shakers.They’re almost never cleaned and most people don’t wash their hands before they eat. They say holding a napkin doesn’t help either because bacteria can go right through it.
Oh happy day!!!!! You can thank me later…LOL!!!  


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06/18/2012 9:28AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-18
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