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I don’t know about you but my favorite thing in life--
well,  almost my favorite thing is to nap.
I so love  naps….and maybe because I generally only get 4 hours of sleep a night, maybe 5 and it’s never solid sleep. I look at the clock every hour or two to see if its 2-30 a.m and time to get up.
But getting back to this favorite past-time called sleep…..
Saw a story this morning that if you’re always tired…it may be your pillows fault.
You’re supposed to get a new pillow every 12-18 months. Who does that? You?
And using an old pillow…or the wrong kind of pillow can literally be a pain in the neck.
So here are the three rules about pillows.

1.  If you sleep on your stomach, you should be using a thin, flat pillow that doesn't have much stuffing.  Bigger pillows tend to make you sleep awkwardly on your neck. If that STILL hurts your neck, and you're thinking of buying a new bed, consider a firm mattress with a thin pillow top, so you can sleep on your stomach WITHOUT a pillow.
 2.  If you sleep on your back, you should probably be using a soft or medium-firm pillow that fills the space between the bed and your neck.  Memory pillows also work well.
3.  If you're a side sleeper, look for an over-stuffed pillow that gives you even MORE support under your neck.  They also prevent you from sleeping with all your weight on one shoulder.
Just did a whole blog about sleeping…and didn’t once mention Sleep Train!! But now that I have...tell em’ Sam and Lissa sent you…LOL!!!



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06/13/2013 9:53AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-13
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