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When you go shopping, what is your fetish?
Do you gravitate to jeans….purses, jewelry…or are you like me and you always walk through the shoe department. And not only do I walk, I stop, sit down try on and then buy!!! I don’t know what’s happened to me in the last 5 years…but I love to buy shoes!!!
And if I find a pair I like, I often buy them in more than one color. You too?
I saw this study today that you can guess someone’s income, politics and personality with 90 percent accuracy …just by looking at their shoes.  
Makes sense…
Wealthier people tend to have expensive shoes.
Flashy and colorful shoes go on the feet of extroverts and younger people and shoes that looked old but taken care of go with responsible people.
Less obvious but usually true….people with practical shoes are more agreeable….people wearing boots more aggressive and people in shoes that look uncomfortable are generall calmer. Okay..that one doesn’t make sense!
They start giving some thought into your shoes..because besides serving a practical purpose , they also serve as nonverbal clues with symbolic messages about who you are.
So if the shoe fits…

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06/13/2012 9:18AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-13
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