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Immature men…caught my eye right away!!
A new study say the average man doesn’t emotionally mature until age 43….11 years later than the average woman.  So one sentence explains away your marriage or your friends marriage or just life in general..LOL!!!
And 8 of ten women  all ask the same thing….Do men really ever mature?
Here’s the list….of the most immature things guys do…and in order!!!
 Finding it HILARIOUS when they burp or pass gas.
Eating fast food at 2:00 A.M.
Playing video games.
Driving too fast.
Laughing at swear words.
Playing loud music when they drive.
Playing practical jokes.
Trying too hard to beat kids at games and sports.
Staying quiet during arguments.
Not being able to cook simple meals.
Re-telling the same stupid jokes and stories when they're with their guy friends.
Not wanting to talk about themselves.
Doing crazy dance moves.
What did I miss?


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06/11/2013 9:44AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 6-11
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