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5 Random Mothers Day Stats that you can forget about come Monday when it’s all behind us and Fathers start bugging us about their upcoming day!!!
1.  In the annual Save the Children report on the best and worst places to be a mother, the U.S. ranked 30th.  Why so low?  It's messed up, but we have the highest death rate of newborns in the first world.
2.  Finland, Sweden, and Norway were ranked the top places in the world to be a mother.  The Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst.
3.  95% of moms say they've felt JUDGED or CRITICIZED at some point for their parenting decisions.
4.  The three things moms criticize other moms about most often are their general parenting strategies . . . staying home versus going back to work . . . and breastfeeding versus using formula.
5.  Should you buy a Mother's Day gift for a woman who doesn't have any kids yet, but is currently PREGNANT?  Three out of five women who are pregnant with their first child say . . . yes, they expect a Mother's Day gift.
What did I miss?
Got a 6th random stat you want to share? 



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05/09/2013 9:50AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-9
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