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Love the story this morning on  kid’s pacifiers.
That the best way to clean one  is.. …to lick it clean.
Yes, better than washing or boiling because the extra germ exposure you give them with your saliva helps their immune system.Kids with the Mom and Dad licked-clean pacifiers even end up with fewer allergies and lower rates of eczema and asthma.
Just what is the school of thought on pacifiers these days? I remember when Tori was born they asked me in the hospital if I wanted her to have a pacifier. 3 years later, I was doing all I could to break her of the habit. I even had the dentist tell her she would get “buck” teeth if she didn’t get rid of the thing. That sort of worked along with many crying episodes. I used to have an entire supply of binkies as we called them, so that when one fell down the toilet or I couldn’t find one…I had another ready to go. Christina was never into them…so I lucked out the second time around.
But don’t we all have “binkie” stories…some funny…some not.
It would have been nice to know that when the thing dropped on the ground all I needed to do was pick it up and lick it!!!


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05/07/2013 9:53AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-7
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