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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-3

This list just made us chuckle this morning.
I hope it does the same for you.
10 places you should never make out with your spouse:
You ready?
   1. Airplace Seat. Slurping at 30,000 feet is worse than a screaming baby.
   2. Function at Your Child's School. Showing off your passion is just plain rude.
   3. Dressing Room. You think no one knows what's going on, but everyone is keyed in.
   4. Cemetary. How can this spot possibly inspire feelings of romance?
   5. Wedding. The vows, birdseed and love in the air bring back memories, just save the PDA for later.
   6. Bathroom Stall. Gross.
   7. Stairwell at Work. Someone is bound to run into you and won't be able to get the visual out of their head.
   8. Movie Theater. It's distracting, annoying and cliche.
   9. Beach. Save it for the hotel room and drink your Sex on the Beach.
   10. In Line at the Grocery Store. This is a perfect way to make everyone lose their appetite.
Is there a number 11?
Have fun this weekend whether you’re showing PDA in the right or the wrong place..LOL


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05/03/2013 9:34AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-3
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