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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-24

It’s spring…and from what I hear…”Love is in the Air”…..
Loved this today….Smithsonian Magazine dug up a love test from 1924.
I think it withstands the test of time…
Let’s see if you could pass it?
There are only 4 parts…
  1. Are you deeply physically attracted? The author back then said physical attraction is the most important element for a marriage. He wanted to know if a couple got shortness of breath or a fast heartbeat when they look at each other.
  2. How sympathetic are you? He had each person watch the other one go through something mildly traumatic, like giving blood. And he’d test them on their physical reactions to seeing the other in pain.
  3. Can you deal with others body odor. All  I can say is I guess they didn’t have deodorant in 1924..LOL
  4. Do you balance each other out in stressful situations. He fired a gun in the air to make sure one person was more nervous about it than the other.
And that’s it…If you have a deep physical attraction, you feel each others pain, you don’t mind each other’s smell…and you do a good job balancing each other out under stress…
You’re a couple!!!!
Yeah…I think it might be that simple…..

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05/24/2012 9:58AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-24
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