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Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-2

Certain studies just make me smile…like this one…
And it actually just proves what kids have always known…that Dad buys more cool stuff at the grocery store than Mom. I think it carries over to the department store too.
And why is this? It’s simple …Dads are much more likely to make impulse buys when they’re shopping and they also spend more money than most Moms.  I think it’s just a male trait!!!
And besides impulse buys, kids are way better at tricking their Dads with lines like “I need to buy this candy for …um school” We Moms know better!!!
The study also found that when Dads go shopping, they spend more than Moms.
Can you relate?  I sure can. When Mike was alive and the girls were little or even big they had him so wrapped around their fingers… I don’t think he ever said no to them.
But now that I think about…maybe I didn’t either…and still don’t!!!
You've got to tell me though…how true is this in your family?

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05/02/2013 10:08AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-2
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