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Remember when we were growing up and our Moms looked and seemed so old?
They did didn’t they? Please tell me I’m not alone. But I compare myself now to my Mom when she was my age and I am so much hipper..LOL .
And I even look at pictures of me from 20 years ago and I am so much better looking now. Does that sound egotistical but I bet you do as well.
So what do you think about this study from a British Clothing line that says women hit their fashion prime at age 35. I’m thinking older.
Let’s compare…
1 in 3 women got more comfortable with their appearance in their 30s…1 in 10 in their 40s.
1 in 20 claimed they didn’t feel they hit their prime until age of 56…Now you’re talking!!!
1 in 10 say their confidence in their body shape grew with age.
So what age did you hit your prime..maybe you haven’t yet.. I’m going with my 50s…
And thank goodness, I’m still in that decade..LOL!!!
SO what age are you going to give?  
What’s the saying …older but better!!!!

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05/01/2012 10:05AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 5-1
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