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Sam and Lissa's Blog 4-10

Funny stuff this morning on what we women pack for vacation.
Sam puts a couple pair of “tidy whities” in a jacket or shirt pocket…
Takes a couple of Tommy Bahama shirts and shorts…and a pair of sandals..Done!!!
Me…I take at least 2 outfits per day…color coordinated shoes…way too much underwear and way too many purses..!!!
I hate packing…how you can know ahead of time what you will feel like wearing..or what the weather could be like…and underwear..come on you can never have too many!!!
The truth of the matter is I’m not alone…Most women they say pack 10 outfits, 5 pairs of shoes and 5 purses for one week. And all the clothes in the suitcase are NEW!
They say the biggest expense for vacation..is buying new clothes for vacation…LOL!!!
One more thing from the morning…were you as surprised as Sam and me to hear that Thomas Kinkade was legally separated from his wife and had a girlfriend for 18 months? The family released a statement about his death Friday night and then the girlfriend released hers yesterday....that the 54-year-old artist "died in his sleep, very happy, in the house he built, with the paintings he loved, and the woman he loved."

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04/10/2012 9:35AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 4-10
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