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I’ve been sitting on this study for a while!! (bad choice of words)
The study that women weigh more now because they do less housework.
We have indeed gotten fatter the last few years. You could blame processed foods, fast food and large portion sizes…but a new study says women are heavier because theyre not doing as much housework as they used to.
So 50 years ago….women spent almost 26 hours a week dusting and mopping their houses, which also doesn’t make sense to me because back then homes were half the size they are today. But by 2010, that dropped to 13 hours a week. In 45 years, the average housewife has gained 22 points. And that’s typically while working full time, and raising kids.
I refuse to accept this….because one its totally sexist..and two…more women work out now…
But what about you….does this offend you…or is there some truth to it?
And just how many hours a week do you spend doing housework.  I refuse to answer that question…LOL


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03/05/2013 9:41AM
Sam and Lissa's Blog 3-5
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